Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pastry cooking, FAIL

Had a nice day today and tried my hand and making some apple pastries. 

Then thought they would be nice if it was an apple custard combo, so I whipped up some lovely thick, bakeable custard and slapped the whole shebang in the oven.

The results:

These ones are apple only.

Apple and Custard and one Custard only.  The flour is a non-stick idea.
It didn't work...
There ya go.  Too much filling I think. Whenever I have done pastries in my currnt oven in the past, I have had trouble with them sticking, so I thought I would give flour a go to see if it made any difference.  No.  On the plus side, the triangle ones were on a greased tray and worked a treat.  Obviously I need to improve my greasing skills.

Looks wise they failed and exploded, but I gotta say the inside is pretty damn tasty!  Added a couple of cloves to the apple this time, as well as cinnamon and sugar.  Maybe less sugar next time though.

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