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Sci-Fi revoltech Jack Skellington.

With Hallowe'en on its way and the kids having done a little work on it, I thought I should have a look at the King of Hallow's Eve since I haven't actually taken him out of the box since I got him.  A shame really, as I love The Nightmare before Christmas movie and Jack as a character is quite good as well. Kind of like a nasty guy with the scaring going on, but he is so motivated all the time to provide the best experience for kids.

I thought that Jack would make an excellent revoltech figure, his lanky limbs need small joints to be able to pull it off.  After all the guy is a skeleton and therefore very thin.  The results of Kaiyodo's (the company behind Revoltech series) efforts are most pleasing.  Although like Buzz and Woody, he is a bit light on accessories, they have seen fit to provide him with a backing piece.  Which is the gates and fence to his house.

Whats the figure's pros and cons though?  Well it looks just like Jack, has some excellent design and taking into consideration the difficulty of his pinstriped suit, good paint applications.  It's nice to see that they managed to pull it off so nicely, especially his little bat tie and kind of tattered coat tails.  The proportions look correct, well correct for Jack anyway, which leads me to one slight, minor, tiny niggle.

His feet.  The character in the movie has little feet and they have been replicated here.  It would look odd if they were big, but as they are so small, it makes standing him up without aid almost impossible.  If it's just a straight standing straight pose, then it's not so bad, but if you mess with the centre of balance and try something a bit more dynamic (which you will want to as Jack is an expressive character), you will find it very hard to get him to stay up without some external aid.  I don't like using blu-tak and suchlike for posing of toys, but I had to with some here for Jack.  Even with a bit of blutak on his feet, the height of the toy had a tendency to make it fall.  There are no pins holes in his feet, and I can see why as they would have had to be tiny, but it is a shame there is not some other way around this.  I settled with leaning him against something most of the time.

Aside from his feet though, it's a good figure.  There is a swivel joint in waist, allowing it to twist, his elbows are just hinge joints and he has small revoltech joints in his hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and neck, probably making this the least revotechy figure of the line.  Still it doesn't matter, as even the smallest revoltech joints would have been too big for his elbows.  Moulding is well done, each of his pin stripes for his suit is recessed and you can plainly see the collar to the jacket, sewing in the shoulders on the back and even slight creases above his feet.  there is a nice single button above his waist that has been included as well.

Some nice details on his suit.
Hinged elbows
Check the crease above his shoes in the trousers!

Colours are well, black and white.  Black Plastic and white paint, but . That would be all you want and the head is moulded nicely as well, speaking of his head, he comes with a total of five.  yep, five. two happy ones, a scared one, an angry one and a perplexed one.  Only three optional hands and a name plate finish of the figure accessories.

The many faces of Jack

He does come with the aforementioned gate, which looks fantastic and has various pumpkin heads with different expressions and a skeleton hung off a branch, rather morbidly for a kids movie, by the neck...  Still, it is comical looking and I think the age group that would get the reference are unlikely to be scared.  Its cool to see that the gate has the pumpking motif carried throughout it and the details is so good that even the bricks themselves and the tree has some cool detail.  Just found out that the pumpkins on the gate can be taken off and switched around.  That is  nice effect and Jack is able to hold one in his hand as well.

One thing he is missing though is his ghost dog Zero.  This is being corrected in the Santa version though, which will have Jack in his Santa costume, which I will have to get.  Hopefully they will pop it out before Christmas!!

Despite the lack of accessories, although I guess the cool gate display fills  in for most of this, Jack is one of the more pricier revoltechs and is a bit taller, although he looks like he is comprised of less plastic.  Is it really worth a purchase by itself?  I would probably say that is is if you like the Nightmare before Christmas movie as it by far the best action figure of Jack that I have seen, however as a Revoltech figure it is a bit weak really as it is low on joints and the small feet make posing and balance an issue.  Me though, I love it!   Jack is awesome and now I have a toy of him.  

Excess Pics

I do like the way they have added the plastic tube around the twist tie to avoid scratching!
Alas poor, er me?  I knew him well...

The gate.

The pumpkins from the gate can be balanced in his hand.

Damn door knockers will try and sell anything these days!

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