Sunday 16 January 2011

Generations Exclusive Henkei Ghost Starscream.


This rather nice figure is based on the Classics seekers mould and has now been re-issued under a number of guises.  This one particular colouring is really nicely done and was rather hard to get a hold of.  It is from the Generations book that was released a couple of years ago and was limited to those who bought the book and sent in the little form for pre-ordering and they would only deliver to addresses in Japan.  Starscream (SS)  was from Volume 2 of the book.  The first volume had Ligier (Mirage).  Is it worthwhile having if you have this mould in any of its other forms?  Yes.




The main reason why is unlike my previous experiences with translucent plastic (Stealth Lockdown), this plastic is nice and clean.  Lockdown was a kind of muddy coloured plastic and wasn’t that great.  SS here retains his essential colours and markings, but they are all done so that the only non translucent bits are chromed, or load bearing.  Even the load bearing bits are pretty small, so none of them actually stand out and ruin the overall look of the figure.




And what a look he has.  With his clear plastic and standard SS colours, he certainly looks like a ghost form of his former self.  It is really really well done.  I can’t emphasise how nice it looks and how easily a bit of light shone through him looks pretty cool.  Of course great colours won’t save a badly designed toy and luckily SS here is a rather well done one!


He keeps the same style of transformation that his G1 toy has and all the bits fit into the same place, except for the arms.  He has good articulation and arms and legs, can move his head but has no waist movement.  When you have his guns attached to his upper arms, the wings get in the way of pointing them forward and need to be folded down a bit, which is about the only niggle I have with this toy.  The guns and missile launchers are quite large.  I would have liked to see better moulded missiles with smaller launchers even if it meant losing the spring loading in the things.  His head looks SS enough and although he isn't in possession of a smirk, he has a nicely moulded face upon which to gaze.  I guess we can forgive his lack of smirk, the guy is dead after all…




The jet mode is a great homage to his G1 mode and looks spot on.  The only major issue is the underneath is a bit square and robotty looking, but considering how this is often the case with plane mode Transformers, SS doesn't have the issue really bad. 


I keep going on about it, but the clear plastic is really nice.  Have a look at the pictures and you can see.  However, be careful, as I discovered a printing blotch on his Decepticon insignia when I was taking these photos.  It would appear I have a fingerprint on one of mine…  The mark of Unicron perhaps?  Just keep an eye on these things when purchasing.  Mine is 100% official one and I know the people I got it from well (being available only in Japan), and I believe there are now some pretty good knock-offs roaming around the place, so please be aware of this, especially if the price is a genuine looking price.




I really enjoyed taking the photos of this guy, as he was a lot of fun to experiment with.  Even over exposing some shots adds a nice ghostly sheen to him as well. 


So to summarise this up, I would recommend this toy to most people.  Sure the mould has been issued quite a few times, but the lovely crisp plastic makes this a fitting way to have your very own post More than Meets the Eye movie version of SS.  Get a normal one for a before and after as well.


More sexy shots!





With a bit of light behind him! Wooooooooo!


Even the plane looks good with light behind it.


Finally the extra Blog intro pic I was thinking of using.



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