Sunday 2 January 2011

Hilarious Quote of the Week.

Ok, it might not exactly be a weekly segment, but I think I will add some stuff as it comes.

This masterful gem, I discovered while reading the Weekend West and comes from the editorial section.  It’s an article about the Police Commissioner and the consumption of alcohol.  The commissioner was concerned about a theatre (as in plays etc.) applying for a license to sell alcohol.

It was written by Ben Harvey and made me laugh quite heartily when I read it:

“I cannot believe that WA Police wanted the good people of this State to watch a contemporary dance performance sober.  That is a cruel and unusual punishment.”
The Weekend West, Pg. 26, 1 January 2011

Well, we all think that at contemporary dance items don’t we? 

I really dig that Ben!  Good work!

Oh and Happy new year everybody!

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