Tuesday 5 March 2013

Fall of Cybertron: Onslaught

Oh yeah, the calculating and planning leader of the Combaticons.  This here is the version of Onslaught from Fall Of Cybertron in his G2 sexy sexy colours.

In the Multiplayer of WFC, Onslaught was a BEAST!  It would seem that Onslaught has undergone a bit of a downgrade (perhaps due to the needs of the combiner operation perhaps?).  Let’s check him out.

Oh, I see he’s lost some weight since his WFC days…

Art By Highmoon Studios.

Actually, after looking through my Art of FOC book, that is the same art for FOC Onslaught.  Sooo the toy is incredibly inaccurate to the vehicle mode at the very least.

Out of all the Combaticons from this set, I was looking forward to this guy the most I think.  The sad thing is though it is probably the worst of the lot.  The robot mode looks decent enough and has a fairly good amount of articulated joints.  I really like the look of him and in a static pose he looks nice.  However I really hate the way his arms have been designed.  In all essence he doesn’t have any biceps as his fore-arms (for all intents and purposes) are connected into his chest.

From the back he looks like he has a nappy as well as looking very ‘partsy.’ 

His vehicle mode is very bad and reminiscent of G1 Kup in it’s open back look and I haven’t been able to line up the parts and clip it together without a bit of cheating and forcing and even then one of the wheels doesn't sit on the ground properly.  Onslaught is a severely flawed toy and it all stems from his need to be the Bruticus torso.

The gun, when mounted on the vehicle always points down a lot, that is assuming you can actually get the pegs to connect to the hole.  Without the gun the vehicle just looks worse, if that's possible, it’s like he face-palming himself.

His weapon is way too big to be a gun for Onslaught and not big enough to be intimidating enough to be adequate for Bruticus.  Sad.


On the plus side, as I said before, the look is good and the head sculpt is nice as well. 


And the legs and feet looks solid and pose fairly well.  Although from the side they are a bit ugly.  The waist has a slight angle to it giving him a slightly arrogant turn to the waist.


On the plus side, you can have some fun with the ugliness.  But you can’t ignore the horrible looks from the back of the not so well hidden Bruticus head.


SO I think to summarise this figure up, it is a really bad Transformer.  The vehicle mode is just poorly made and the robot mode, while looking decent is very limited and not a patch on what it should be.  It’s a real shame that I like him when I have him in a static ‘commanding pose’ but as soon as I try to do something else it just looks horrid.  Vehicle mode is best forgotten about and his only real saving graces are the sculpting and the fact that he becomes the torso for Bruticus.  Even then I would have preferred that he was a voyager size so as to stand out from the other Combaticons as their leader and also supply Bruticus with a more solid body.

Once again, my final recommendation would come down to this; as a single figure avoid like the plague but if you are getting the group for Bruticus then he is needed.

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