Saturday 2 March 2013

Gurren Lagann by rio Bone Video review

Damn! I think I love this toy!  My first 1080 filmed and edited video, and have been working on this vieo on and off for nigh six months now due to audio, conversion and content issues.  It's been a drama and I am still not entirely satisfied with it, but it's up now.

A brilliantly designed figure this one.  I don't need another Gurren Lagann that's for sure, oh maybe one with the head separated.  Enjoy the vid, it took more than 2 days to upload!


  1. lol so this is the two-dayer lol, and it won't even load for me :( i just got Kreon microchangers combiner bruticus. he was the last on e and he was on sale, and i bought a Battleship set buy buy $15 lol catch the pun?

    1. Yup this is the two dayer. And you can't load it? BAH! Cur-sed video! >:-( It works for me though. Strange.

  2. have you seen my epic haul blog yet?

  3. come to think of it, no youtube videos are loading, maybe the school is blocking them


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