Wednesday 8 October 2014

Amiami Random Grab Box

Grabbox (1)
Here’s a little story of the day I was convinced to buy a ‘small’ grab box from amiami.  The cost of the grab box was just 1000 yen, super cheap, but since it is a lucky dip style thing of stuff they need to get rid of, you never know what your going to get.

Turns out for me, postage ended up at 3200 yen…..  Let’s hope there’s some good stuff in there.

Grabbox (2)It was heavy.  Opening the sucker (or was that me?) up, I was greeted by the usual amiami card.

A layer of paper for packaging protection hid the surprises within.  Was it worth the effort?

Grabbox (3)
First layer looked ok.  A Unicorn Gundam key chain thingo that was pretty nifty.  Something wrapped in plastic and the back of something else.

Grabbox (4)
Grabbox (5)
A love plus Keychain was the back of something and a red figurine was wrapped in plastic.
I’ll admit, I was a bit underwhelmed.  No interest in any of these so far, but there was much to go.

Grabbox (6)
More layering. 

It was like pass the parcel.

Grabbox (7)
A Super Sonico Mascot thing!
Grabbox (8)Some girls from some thing.
Grabbox (9)
Some Bearbrick with a colour design by some Idol/Singer that no-one probably cares about.

Man I despise the way the popular music industry is run.
Grabbox (10)
A mini figure of that chick from One piece.

Grabbox (11)
A steam roller toy from Jo-Jo’s bizarre Adventure! 

It has an action feature of self powered rolling.

Grabbox (12)
A series of Kantai Collection key chain thingos.  Annoyingly it seemed to have only 1 of each character.

Sold to a friend.
Grabbox (13)
Last but not least, an old PS2 Gundam game.  Interesting in that it has online play options (never knew about a PS2 Modem) and comes with 2 games.  One based on the original series where you are a kid controlling that first gundam robot on the runway, to a newer line of Gundam. 

Sadly I found the older style Gundam game a little frustrating to control since it neglected the analogue sticks.  The newer one was a lot more fun!

There we have it.  Apparently I got one of the better grab boxes from amiami at the time.  They seemed to sell out super fast and I see it’s a good way for them to clear out some old stock of random stuff.  Some second hand as well, judging by the game.  Still it was a laugh.  None of the stuff really caught my eye all that much, but hey.  That’s what you risk with lucky dip!


  1. Never knew they did grab boxes like that. I agree that is a pretty good way of getting rid of left over stock they can't sell. At least the PS2 game seems to have made it worth while.

    1. They seem a bit rare and sell out super quick but are cheap and fun. It was great opening it up seeing what's inside. PS2 Games were quite enjoyable, once I got a PS2 from a friend for a bit... :P


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