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Legacy Dragstrip, A review.


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I heard about the Legacy Stunticons and a rumour soon started wafting about the internet saying that Motormaster's trailer would be a skeleton for Menasor.  I immediately thought, hey that sounds cool and thus, another quest for Stunticons starts.

I previously thought the Unite Warriors Stunticons were fairly good.  I still feel this way, but looking at these Legacy ones, they are a definite different breed.  Today I'll be looking at Dragstrip.  The Unite Warrior one was pretty good for a modern take of the character.  The Animated one was an Arcee re-colour which managed to work reasonably well.  Let's check this new one out.

Yes, I like the Stunticons...

What I like about his one, is that since they are trying to replicate the look of the cartoon, they have reverted to a look that the G1 toy is based on.  A Tyrrell P34, which is a pretty awesome looking car.  You know for all the time I just thought that Dragstrip was a mix of Drag car and and F1 car.

The vehicle mode has some nice combination of yellow, red, and um, mustard?  I guess.  Sculpting detail is also pretty nice.

What I really like is that to emulateto the look of the original figure, Dragstrip here has a fake engine.  BUT the good things is now, one can imagine that he engine has extra cylinders!  Straight 10 engine power baby!  Looking in the cockpit, you can see a little chair kind of thing.  That is actually the back of his head!

The spoiler of the vehicle mode can be a little tricky to plug together sometime, but if you keep at it you can get it looking good.  I do think it is a little too flat and it should be angled forward more, but eh.  It's not that big of a deal.

Underneath are a bunch of ports and a nicely flat base.  It's very hard to tell there's a robot within this guy!  Some of the ports are for plugging in to Menasor, one is a clever mechanism to split the vehicle for the elbow, again for Menasor and one is for a flight stand.  There are two ports on the top, which you may have noticed, they are for plugging the guns in.  I've always loved this about the Stunticons and think it's seesntial (insert usual Roadblasters comment here).

Going down on Dragstrip again, using the flight port, you can easily re-enact their debut episode, have them engage their forceshields and have them flying through the air with reckless glee!


Size wise Dragstrip is pretty good in vehicle mode.  Here are my Dragstrips, yes, I dug out my Unite Warriors and Combiner Wars version.  I like theses two for their modern take on Dragstrip, but you can plainly see that TT/Hasbro were trying to make sure the moulds were available for as many characters as possible.

And there is a bonus image sizing Dragstrip with his Stunticon pally-wally Wilderider (coming soon).

Transformation is fairly standard, sure there is the usual split legs apart and spoiler becomes the feet stuff, but the way his chest kind of folds out is pretty cool.  It's a bit like making something from nothing.  All the skinny sleek of the car mould just unfolds rather well into a cool decent robot mode.  The only extra bits of car kibble on this guy are the wheels on his shoulders and the spoiler, er also on his shoulders.

The wheels thing is understandable, since it emulates his G1 robot mode because he transforms differently.

What I rather like is while Dragstrip comes with two guns, you may not necessarily want him wielding them, so you can happily plug them on the back for storage, or if you're imagination is good enough, little jet packs!  Woo!  I actually really like this!  They are pretty well hidden from the front and don't get in the way toooo much.

The guns have some cool purple paint on them and are sculpted super nicely.  I think Dragstrip looks pretty awesome dual wielding these babies.  Considering his personality type and his need to win at any cost, two guns seem to fit him better!  

Pew Pew!

One big issue with the robot mode is that the strip is pretty much relegated to vehicle mode, making the robot look a bit plain.  I guess this is cartoon accurate, but I prefer a bit of a mix cartoon and toy, for the modern takes on toys.

Let's have a close up look at the head sculpt first!

What a nice sculpt, I really like it, it is very cartoony and there's something kind of inhuman about the face.   Despite having a rather nicely sculpted mouth, it's still very creepy, which I put down to him having the visor that doesn't have any room for his nose. It's just straight across.  Creepy? Maybe... Whatever it is, I think it's a great sculpt.

The chest is very plain, the only colour highlight is the engine in the chest and the mustard around it.  It doesn't look too bad though as the colour of the head is there.

The legs though, have nothing to break up the yellow.  There are sculpting lines in there, indicating that there should be some paint on his feet at the very least.  It wouldn't surprise me if they think about popping out a toy coloured version with some paint decals.  For example, there are a few points in the groin that also look like they should have some colour in there.

Comparing my collection of Dragstrips, and I think the CW one (with the most varied colour on the left) probably provides the most interest.  However saying that, none of them look all that bad.

Pose options are quite good as Dragstrip here comes with back forward motion on the ankles thanks to transformation and also has ankle tilts and the usual knees, elbows ankles and stuff.  Generally you also get a good range on each joint, but beware the shoulders.

Due to the way the front wind scoop thing moves for robot mode, it can hinder the movement of the shoulders, but it seems to only really affect it if you try and move the arm towards the back too far.  I do like that you can change the look of him a little bit with them though, so you can personalise Dragstrip for your very own self!

I like this slightly angled towards the back style.

With the old action stand in play you can have some fun. Let's see, what is Dragstrip's speed stat?  Er well, I was going to link to his online Bio here, but the boxes in Japan slap a big old sticker over the QR code, and while I found a link to Wildrider's, I can't find  way to go to a main page to select the character.  Shit, that sucks.  But thanks to Tformers, they have provided a screencap.  Shame I can't access the link. So I've snapped a snap of their snap. Here we go:

His speed stat of 7 matches his G1 bio, not as fast as I though it would be, but eh.  Regardless, I still made a little semi run sequence.

I call it 




Gotta speed keed!

I think I should've added some whooshy speed lines to this one.

One quick and nasty edit later:


So, as you can probably tell, I quite like this guy.  Dragstrip makes a pretty solid and fun looking robot and a very cool fast looking vehicle.  He makes no real amazing jumps or wows, but he also does everything fairly competently, meaning that I can't really take any points away from him.  Add to that he becomes armour for Menasor and you've got yourself a figure that is worth getting your hands on.

A solid, standard toy.  Final superfluous rating:

Not Too Shabby

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