Sunday 19 February 2023

Marvel Legends Thor


Well, here is an interesting one.  I got this guy a long long time ago and the photos have been either

A) Transferred over 3 computers

B) Sitting on an external harddrive for about 7 years.

C) had an unfinished draft on blogger for 1 year.

And so I thought I would finally do something with them.  Following along in doing some simple posting of toys, which I like reading about, I'm going to do a post on this here Marvel Legends Thor figure.

Must put the pictures up so I can look at them, which I did.

So I had these images since 2013 apparently and it would seem I really wanted a Thor figure.  Let's have a look at this Thor from the Terrax Build a figure line.

Looking at the box, it seems I actually picked up a few of the figures from this line.  I've already covered Steve Rogers, Agent of SHIELD and I remember having Hope Summers, but don't know where she is at the moment.

Thor's card looks pretty nice with some nice comic-y looking artwork.  It's the same art on front and back.  Looking through the plastic, you can easily see that the figure is pretty chunky.  No build parts of Terrax for this very reason.

I like this look of Thor, it's not the one they used for the Marvel movies, but one that is comic styled, but it doesn't look stupid, yet it still looks classic.

Outta the box and you're presented with a nice bulky tough looking dude.  I really like his armour and the black wash over it.  The cape is a sold piece of fairly flexible plastic, but it's obviously meant to stay the shape it is.

He comes with a slightly open hand and a hammer holding hand.  Speaking of the hammer, it looks really nice and has a lot of sculpted detail on it.  The slightly open hand is designed to allow you to pretend to have him fling the hammer.  Of course the fist holds the handle for the HAMMER TIME..

He also has a small hook on his belt so you can hang the hammer off that as well, it's very cool and looks good.

Not only the armour has a great wash over it, but the helmet does too.  Overall the paint work and colours on this toy are excellent.  Even on the back of his legs!

Even the paintwork on his tunic and various belts across it are applied nice and cleanly.

The Helmet also has painted wings on the side.  His face is sculpted excellently and painted well, just look at those beautiful eyes!

Also despite his powerful build and look he actually has a lot of articulation in him.  Despite the big heavy looking cloak, his balance is surprisingly good too!

He has an ab crunch and can lean forward and back a bit too.  And check out that squat!

He also stands quite tall especially when compared to other Marvel Legends figures.  I have him here next to the Juggernaut and Hulk from the Selects line and considering how I've seen the stats saying that Juggernaut can be 9 feet tall, Thor here looks like a decent size.  I am going to assume that Thor is just over the 6 foot tall mark.

Overall Thor here is a great figure.  I think it's really nicely done and looks the part nicely.  Nowadays there are many different Thors to choose from and you could probably do a lot worse than this guy.

Horny dawg bonk!

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