Sunday 22 October 2023

POTP Abominus and the Terrocons united!


Finally, it is time to finish this awesome little team with a group shot of monsters/robots and a combined batch of 


So, I've gone through these guys indivisually and ahve generally been pretty happy with them:

So I thought I would keep the group shots for the eventual Abominus review, because, Abominus is the Terrocons.

Starting with the gang together.

I like the way they look.  5 Monsters just chilling out, with enough colour variation to make it interesting.  There's a good variety of monster types as well and they are all fairly poseable in some way or another giving good monster play value.  This is important with animal based forms.

They're also a pretty good size for interacting with other Transformers.  Are they scale accurate?  Well, no, because the Terrocon's scale is all over the place.  In the G1 cartoon, they aren't that big (at times), in the Legends Manga they are pretty big.  Personally I like to think of them as being on the bigger size, kinda Dinobot sized, after all they are monsters and are supposed to be terrifying. So in that case, I would consider them small.  But they look fine and do the job well.

Even when placed with other Monster-bots from other lines, they looks fine I guess.  I have always thought the Monsterbot Headmasters were too small.

So, they look good as a group of monsters, how do they look as a group of robots?

Pretty dandy!  I still think they looks surprisingly good-looking and not monstrous as robots.  Leading to my personal belief that for the Terrocons, their robot modes are their disguises and the monster modes are their real ones.  

Once again, colour varioation is good, as it type of robot.  Kibble is generally pretty low and they all work rather well as robot toys.

They do come with the hand foot blasters, so there's that.  I often like to mix and match and have different teams be "friends" for whatever reason, like some shared robot mode, or job affiliation etc.  So I thought the Legacy Insecticons look pretty robot monster-ish, and have a lot of their alt mode visible in robot mode, so tried seeing how they match up.

They don't really match up at all though.  The Insecticons have their very own distinct look to them.

In robot mode they seem to scale fine as well.  Hungurr is a good size when standing next to his leaduuur.

And guess which photo I forgot to take. Whoops.

Have this picture instead

Ok, so they looks great as monsters, pretty fine as robots.  Let's smoosh them together!

I gotta say, he looks pretty good.  The guts of Hungurr's monster mode make up the chest shield, along with the dragon necks and some stickers, and the kibble of each individual character doesn't really clash with the main body, if you're careful with limb arrangement.   The chest shield has the "enigma of combination" hidden in it, which you can cover up.  If you're feeling particularly morbid, you can slap a Titan Master in there.

I do like the sculpting on the chest piece.  It's very nice!

Speaking of sculpting, for a brainless, violent character, Abominus' face is somewhat good looking.  His awesome 80s shades and high blood pressure coloured face make me happy.

The feet have ankle rockers in them, something that I wish Menasor had, to make it less shit.  You can also put the leftover hand/foor guns on the back/front of the feet for even more stability.

Twist them around for more monstrous looking tootsies.

Ariculation is pretty good and his joints are pretty strong.  He is a LOT more balanced that Menasor.  In fact, he can be put in an impressive amount of poses for something so tall.

The hands can be opened and closed, so he can grab things.  Sadly this one has no weapons.

He's pretty fun to mess with to be honest and I've been getting into smaller figures, like the Bandai Aqua Shooters! lately, which work really well with him as creatures to be terrorised!

Scale wise, well-p, check out my comments in the Monster section above really.  But I guess he looks pretty good with other Transformers.

I really like him with Sky Lynx!!

He also looks pretty spiffy with Legacy Menasor.  Which is an interesting comparison, seeing as they have two very different ways of doing the combination.

So, I guess, to finish this up, Abominus and the Terrorcons are very nice.  They look good as robots, good as Monsters and are fun to play with, looks good as a team and manage to form an extremely competant gestalt robot.

It's a shame that Abominus doesn't come with any weapons for him to use, but that has been corrected with TT's anime coloured version. Lol, Anime coloured, they only showed up for about 2 episodes in season 3.  Maybe they got more airtime in the Headmasters, but, I really don't want to watch that again...

So, yes, final superfluous rating:

Very nice set indeed!

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