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Black Rock Shooter LTD ED. box set figures

So it turns out that these figures from the previous post about the box set are called Nendoroid Petit figures.  Nendodroids are shrunken down cute figures of characters and they are made by the same company that make the figma line, the Good Smile Company.  These guys, being petit are smaller than Nendoroids, which brought me to a conclusion, they may be cute, but there is a limit as to how small I can handle my figures.

The rest of the set can be viewed here


The set comes with a little figure of Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master.  Both figures stand about 6cm tall and have the old ‘big head’ thing going on to make them cute.   Being so small and ‘chibi’ they have limited articulation, but there is enough to keep them from being classified as statues in the Tets book of toy classification. 


Their heads are connected with a ball joint, Dead Master has a little bit more movement due to her hair style.  Black Rock’s hair has a little flick at the nape of her neck which stops her from looking up.  They both have shoulders which can move up and down and their waists twist.  As you can remove their hands and replace them with optional hands, they have a bit of wrist twisting as well.

IMG_6356      IMG_6357

The detail is pretty good for such a small figure.  The paint applications are crisp and it’s good to see that Black Rock’s scars are still included.  her belt buckle is painted as is her zipper and her bikini top has been given it’s bow as well.  Her face, by far the largest thing about the figure is well painted and looks the way it should.  Her pony tails for her hair are attached with ball joints and the long one clips on and off. 

IMG_6358      IMG_6359

Her flame for her eye is a seperate piece as well and is attached via a small extra piece.  Why it wasn’t stuck onto the flamey bit permantently I don’t know.  I guess they were trying to save costs in everywhere they could, so you need to be careful not to lose it.  It attaches a bit oddly too, there is a mini piece of paper that explains it in the box, but it is pretty self explanatory.

IMG_6360      IMG_6361
IMG_6364      IMG_6365

The small peg goes into the hole in her fringe.
IMG_6366     IMG_6367
Like so, then the longer peg plugs into the flame.
IMG_6368       IMG_6395
Reattach the fringe and wala!  Angry Black Rock Shooter.  The flame has good paint on it too.

She still has the blue tint in her hair and her facial details are crisp as well.
IMG_6391      IMG_6398

She comes with an additional Black Rock Sword and her Black Rock shooter gun (although it’s more like a cannon) and they can be placed on any of her arms.  The hands are attached to the weapons, but being so small, you can’t really tell if the hand is a left or right one, so you can get away with sticking it on either arm.

IMG_6369      IMG_6373IMG_6374      IMG_6375

As you can see, her arms are interchangeable as well.  Although very hard to put in for me.  More on that when I get to Dead Master…

IMG_6370      IMG_6372
Tiny, tiny fists.

There are two types of stands that they can use.  One is a clear plastic base and the other is the nifty little chess-board looking bit.  They have a standard piece that plugs into both bases, and it doesn’t attach very tightly, so you will find it coming out all the time.  I found this annoying as every time I touched them the stand would pop out of the hole in her back.  Being so small it was a pain to put back in as well.

Now for Dead Master.

IMG_6379      IMG_6378

Nicely sculpted and looks good.  Her horns are attached permanently and her wings can come off.  I like that they managed to fit in her bows and even the folds of her dress up by her neck.  Good detail that copies the figma version well.

IMG_6389      IMG_6388
IMG_6394      IMG_6399

Hands are well sculpted too and have a bit more character than Black’s fists.  She comes with optional hands and bent arms for holding her Dead Scythe.  I tried putting the bent elbow arm on, but it was ssooooooo hard to get in, it just really annoyed me and I gave up, choosing to improvise and just change the hand.

IMG_6380      IMG_6381IMG_6382      IMG_6390

Dead Master also has retained the green tint in her hair and the circular theme to her eyes.
IMG_6392      IMG_6401
IMG_6393      The hair tint is also notoriously hard to photograph…

Play tiiiiime!  I love the chess board base!

IMG_6383     IMG_6384IMG_6385      IMG_6386

Here is how the stand works.

Hmmm, how to summ these babies up?  Generally as figures go, they are a bit crap.  Cute novelty toys?  Yes, but good action figures? No.  However, fo the original price of about 500 yen, its a good deal, especially if you are in japan, as the prices of Blu rays and DVDs are RIDICULOUSLY high, but it’s an even better deal at the 2400 I got it for.  So really I can’t complain, I suspect the toys were more novelty items anyway as there are Nendoroid versions of both characters available.

I have to say that after repeatedly pushing the stands back into their backs and trying to switch arms, on such small figures, using quite a lot of force, it has given me a sore elbow.  Perhaps I need smaller fingers?

Worth hunting down on eBay? I would say, as a fan of BRS then yes, as long as it’s about $30-40.  Looking at it from a non-fan view, I would say no. The figures are a touch on the crap side and the anime isn’t all that interesting yet.  It gives away little and is just some action scenes set to break up a rather boring school-yard drama between some girls.  No robots anywhere.

So good for BRS fans. Others can sleep easily knowing they don’t have to bother.

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