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Botcon 2011 Toxitron. Hoooo Baby!!


I thought that I would start doing these guys as I got them, otherwise, like my efforts last year, they would fade away after 2 reviews…  So here I am starting.  Animated Toxitron.


Toxitron here was an attendee figure that was Bundled with Sideswipe from the 2011 Botcon.  Being a mad bastard for Animated figures, I thought this year I would go all out and grab all the Animated related figures (meaning trawling ebay as I couldn’t go this year).  Toxitron will be the start and I will get onto the others as I go.  Hopefully soon.  I will do my best.

Function: decoy

Toxitron was the first attempt by Doctor Scalpel and Oil Slick to protoform a warrior in an Autobot shell.  The failed experiment produced a bizarre duplicate of Optimus Prime with immense strength, corrosive toxic sludge cannons, a hopelessly stunted intellect and a penchant for driving backwards in vehicle mode.  Fortunately for the Decepticons the data from this mishap lead to greater success with projects Stunticon and Nemesis Prime.

  • Strength             9
  • Intelligence         2
  • Speed                5
  • Endurance          9
  • Rank                  1
  • Courage              9
  • Firepower            7
  • Skill                    2




A recolour of the Animated Voyager Optimus Prime, Toxitron is naturally a pretty dynamic figure.  A kind of bile-green colour is his main theme.  Quite appropriate considering how the original Toxitron who was never released was like this too.  The original was a recolour of the G2 Laser Optimus, which never got released.


Robot mode.


The colours work well on this guy, the only real disjointed section is his face which is a fluoro green colour.  Nowhere else has this colour.  His eyes have been changed from a blue to a red and they have the light piping gimmick and I have to say, it works really bloody well!


He has the Prime face and battle mask as well and they are purple.  On paper the colours sound awful, but taking into account the character and seeing the actual toy, they seem to work well together.




Body decals are nice with little extra applications of paint here and there.  I like the sludgey/dripping Decepticon insignia on his shoulder.  The red square on the other one is a bit odd though, I think they would have been better off just leaving it.



The red ‘tech’ windows look pretty cool and give him a touch of Nemesis Prime-ness about him.


The colours work well, as I said before and the figure looks pretty impressive, in a goofy sort of way.  Befitting for a messed up clone I guess.


Weapon wise he carries the same water pistol and axe that Prime has as well.  Well, I guess its a sludge pistol this time.  They fold up and go over the back of the truck, or can be plugged into his back in robot mode for storage,




I like the little sludge thing on the end of the gun, it is well done.  The axe has nice paint applications on it, but (and this is a concern about the mould more than anything else) and that is I have always hated the stupid oversized axe.  It looks more like a fan than an axe.  Maybe he should hang out with Aya a bit more.


Stored on his back.





The ‘axe’ and just one other thing annoys me about this figure though.  The transformation, he has a ‘Gravity spin’ gimmick for his waist, where you are supposed to release a switch in his back and the legs spin down from vehicle mode for his robot mode.  This I hate.  Why?  Well sometimes it work, most of the time it doesn’t.  Then when changing him back to vehicle mode, you have to slowly spin the legs back up again, while trying to avoid excessively clicking the gears in case they break.  Stupid gimmick.  Just make the legs swing down like normal dammit!  Worst of all, it gives the robot mode the unfortunate addition of an extremely loose waist, limiting his poses.  If you have him set up in some cool way with the torso angled a bit and decide to add the axe, chances are you will find the axe with be heavy and his waist will swing around a little.

The Vehicle mode is the same as the voyager Prime as well, he comes complete with the backpack thing for the truck mode, although it can go without and it still looks ok.




The sludge turret rotates around nicely and the back can be swapped with another Prime for a change of scenery.  I Have it compared to the Battle Pack Deluxe Prime and the Voyager Prime.  The deluxe one has the black on the front for battle damage.



Going to keep the chatter short on this one, as I have done lots of shots of the other Primes tonight as well and am getting tired.  I have pretty much said all I need I think.  Although the colours look ugly, they work well for the character, the body is a good figure and fun to play with.  The only downer is the waist and the stupid axe, but the axe can be replaced with the deluxe sized one’s axe, which is a cool axe anyway.  The lighty eyes work really easy, and look awesome.


Overall, Toxitron is a worthy addition to my Animated figures ranks.  I thought I would hate him, but I have since found that I actually quite like him, The instructions have been changed to include him in the Official Transformers Collectors Club Timelines story ark and they even added a new header to them as well.  He also has nice G1 styled Tech Specs too.  I wouldn’t go out of your way to grab him, but I feel that I managed to get him and Sideswipe together for a good price really, so I am happy.


Plus I shamelessly love Animated…


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