Thursday, 23 June 2011

A good and bad day

Had a nice day today, decent cheap coffee, fun and productive.  Then I got to work.

  Work was a bit crappy and irritating and put me in a bad mood.  Luckily I gained some friends today!  Open-mouthed smile  BIG SMILEY FACE!



2 Plastic baggies!!


What could be inside??




Woooo! Botcon goodies.  Lessee, Toxitron, Sideswipe and Autotroopers!  The attendee figures for this year!  Ridiculously expensive for recolours, but being Animated figures, I figure (pun there ) this will be the only year I go to this effort unless I manage to get to a Botcon myself.




Toxitron, originally a recolour of G2 Optimus Prime, the Laser version with the petrol tanker mode, for the Universe line of the early 2000’s, the idea was cancelled.  Good thing, as those colours are just BLECH!  Makes a nice quirky Animated figure though.  Sadly his bio quote has him as a Bizzaro from Superman type opposite creature.


His quote”Subjugation am not right of insentient beings.”  Eerm, yes well, with so many negatives in that sentence, it ends up meaning something like ‘NON-sentient beings are free.’  Not so much a reversal of Optimus’ “Freedom is the right of all Sentient beings” but hey, it’s confusing enough that’s fer sure!! 


That is part of the reason I hate Bizarro, even though he comes from opposite world, he wears a plaque saying “Bizzaro #1” but that would mean he sucks in Bizarro land surely?


Moving on from grammatical lectures.



Sideswipe (please ignore the other robots in the background of the robot mode pics, I forgot to take one of just him…  Using the body of Rodimus (god, how many do I have now???), he has the head of the Stunticon Breakdown and the colours of G2 Sideswipe.  I decided, since Sidewipe doesn’t have a motor on his bonnet to leave the motor turned over, but this stops his feet from locking into the bumper properly..  Plus I haven’t read the comic yet, so I am not sure of his proper vehicle mode.  If the comic has the motor up, then it has to be up.


Interesting in that the baggy that holds him calls him Sideswiper and his bio says Sideswipe.

A tough, old cop style character.  Nice, colours are a bit meh and drab.  My one only has one eye painted….  More thoughts in the soon to come review no doubt!  Looks good with his band of Autotroopers.




Autotroopers (x3).  The grunt of the Autobot police force.  I originally bid on a single one as they are exactly the same, but lost.  So I went for a 3 pack and though I could sell the other 2.  Thing is, they are just the Ironhide body with a new head and not much paint.  I think it might be a tad underwhelming with only 1.  So I am keeping all three!  WOOT!


I like the mould, sturdy, nice head, that looks like the Autotrooper (first seen in Kissplayers) and lovely white plastic (note to self, keep them away from the sun).  New style Autobot symbol in a shield and good basic colours make these quite nice clone troopers.  There is a number on the bottom.  OOOOOOOoooo!  Wonder if each set has different numbers??


They look good next to Sideswipe.  And in a group in robot mode and vehicle mode.






You’re under arrest buddy!!




A promising set indeed.  Now I am just waiting on my Ironfist and the actual Stunticons.  Oh, I guess the Animated Cheetor should be with this lot too.


Yep, glad I am only doing this once.


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