Thursday, 16 June 2011

Latest haul

Quite a big batch in the post office waiting for me today.


Looks like my plans for cutting back have faltered recently, but this is because I plan on finishing the acquiring new stuff for a while, so this is part of my big final push.  More follow.  I even had my good camera today!

First up Tekkaman Blade and Pegas. 

IMG_6410     IMG_6411

A nice figure, but expensive at first release.  I managed to get one pretty cheap here.  I have no idea about Tekkaman, but he (and Pegas – the big robot) show up in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom on the Wii, which is good enough for me.


Slightly disappointed with the figure when I got it out of the box as there was no die cast metal.  It’s all plastic.  Quality plastic, but for the price, I expected more.  Aside from that though, it’s pretty cool. 


figma Kirino Kousaka from Ore No Imoutou ga Konnani kawaii Ga Nai.  “My little Sister can’t be this Cute” anime.

IMG_6412 Looks pretty good in capturing the character.



Fate/Stay Night Revoltech Saber.


Got this with Tekkaman, as it was $10.  I can sort of see why, it comes with few accessories.  I think it is an early Revoltech ‘Organic’ series toy, when they started to move away from robots, kind of just before the Fraulein series I think.



A lovely TakaraTomy Highbrow

IMG_6415From the Revenge of the Fallen/ Hunt for the Decepticons line.  Never saw these in my local shops as they were in the last waves and Australia either skipped them or only got a few.  Only wanted it because of his WWII plane mode.



A Dark Of the Moon ‘Autobot Ark’.


Opens out into a battle station. 


Looks like a pretty cool play set and I have been hearing good things about it.  That pretty much covers my DOTM want list, so that works well.  The Ark can also have the smaller play sets clip onto the side for a bit of city building.  Just like the Micromasters of olde.


IMG_6419      IMG_6420

Ark mode and base mode.  It has a cool Transforming noise, which sounds bigger than other toys.  Sadly the volume is a bit low on the speaker.  Lots of parts to play with and stuff to muck around with in base mode.  The ark mode has a laser blaster noise and when you plug Roller in the cockpit a noise, possibly engine noise starts to hum.  I would have liked to see the turrets on the ship (painted gold) be articulated so you could twist them and move the barrels up and down, but sadly they don’t.  A missed opportunity.  Glad I got this one!

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