Thursday 22 December 2011

Chrazy Christmas Decorations.

So, I have been a bit quieter this Christmas compared to the last.  Obviously the horror of the Advent Calender chocolate has slowed me down.

Oh and work has been crazy as well.

Today though I would like to add some strange Xmas trinkets I spied whilst wandering the shops. Most of these are various baubles for hanging on the old Chrimbo tree, what struck me as odd was that not many of them had a Christmas feel to them…

Christmas and…


I don’t get the connection but someone does as there were HEAPS!



Moving on, there were some green ones.  Red and green seem Christmassy, but the subject matter that was green, erm well wasn’t….


At least you can get red ones as well.

Being Australia, there were some nice looking Aussie themed ones.  I liked the Platypus one as it also had texture too.


There are some echidna ones in the bottom of the photo as well.  Shame I didn’t snap that either as I really like Echidnas!

These next ones, I didn’t like so much.  To be honest I hated them.

Behold, the tackiness of THE AUSSIE THONG! (aka flip-flops)


Best of all, these get even tackier!


Eight Bucks?!?!?!?!?!???  Its a small chunk of plastic.  Made in CHINA!


(<_< )               ( >_>)     

Moving on…

Not enough fake food themed ornaments on your tree?  Well, these authentic Oriental items will fix that problem.


Hmmm, Ooookaaay….

Not for the tree, but if you don’t have enough tacky looking horrible rubbish around your home, add this little darling to, somewhere.


Now this next lot really have me worried.  No comments, just photos as I am not sure what to say.


Elvis. Hmm, maybe they are getting confused with the other supposed ‘king.’  Mayhap King is just getting thrown around a bit too much and it’s beginning to lose it’s meaning, like impact and unique…

This last one takes the cake though.  So bizarre, I needed to video it.  It is a sort of album cover looking thing, like the red square in the top right picture next to the “That’s how I roll” thing.

Classy…. ?

What i find most interesting is the spot that has the Elvis stuff had pretty much sold out when I went back a month or two later. WHAAAAA?????!???


Odd really, but I would probably buy Transformer themed baubles if there were any.  What a funny old world.

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