Monday 19 December 2011

Clever Cup cakes

So, it’s Christmas time and bad food is being eaten all over the place.  On a personal note, I have been puzzled by the rather sudden rise in the popularity of cup cakes that has taken the world, well Australia at the very least, by storm.


Why?  They just seem to be a standard sponge base of either vanilla or chocolate with a sickening amount of icing on the top (Personally I prefer butter icing over plastic icing).  I have seen a few come through work as there has been many made for home Christmas parties and not consumed.


One such episode happened today in fact.  I was however impressed with the look of these cup cakes.



Looks a bit like a frog, but think of the blue, and oh is that a cookie?  Waitasecond…




From the right angle, they looks remarkably like Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster! 


Despite my curiosity and slight dislike for cupcakes (more of a muffin guy myself), I take my hat off to my workmate who cooked these little blighters up!


Well done and bravo!

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