Saturday 3 December 2011

Now THAT is a Collector’s Edition

Sonic Generations.

I was hoping there would be a special edition of Sonic Generations.  It is for Sonics 20th Birthday, so I expected something great.  Especially considering how they actually did a nice little version for the 10th Anniversary with Sonic Adventure 2, and that was the times when extra additions were rare!  However, I was worried, as until say two months or so before release, my googling of ‘special edition sonic generations’ only provided me with information about the game coming with some free DLC.  Well, that doesn’t make a special edition in my books.

So I was pleased as punch when I saw this baby pop up on the SEGA blog!  And it’s a beauty too!

So I ran off and pre-ordered.  No way was I going to miss out on this.  Then I saw the price!  Yeowch! $169 Aussie bucks. That’s a bit steep.  Hope it’s worth it…

The SEGA Blog showed what you get for your dosh and it looks like its a lot, but hey for $169 you’d certainly want it to be.  So eventually the day comes.  Actually before the day came, as it broke street date.  I got a text telling me it was ready, so I ran straight to the shops to pick it up.  The girl didn't believe me, despite the text being from the vary same company.  Anyway, after waiting for a bit while she checked up to make sure it was ll good, she wanders out with….

A PS3 game, it was Sonic, but with a lenticular package.

Well, I asked her about this, as I wanted to make sure it was the Collector’s Edition, and that didn’t LOOK like it contained $169 of joy… 

It wasn’t, PHEW!  Back she went.

When she returned, a BIG smile came to my face.  Under her arm was a MASSIVE box.  THAT’S MORE LIKE IIIIT!  I thought.  And lo I was introduced to my CE Sonic Generations. 

26cm Tall, 22cm deep and 23cm wide.  Howdy frigging doody!!!  Weighing in at a good kilo and a bit!

It made me smile like an idiot for quite a while later!  The outer box is very nicely white withe some slight embossing on it.  The embossing is kind of like streamers/firecrackers/explosion themed and feature throughout the packaging.  As you can see, the artwork has a nice big Classic Sonic eyeing off a Modern Sonic.  Their spikes flow onto either sides of the box as well.


The back of the box has the look of the back of the game case, with some extra blurb about what is included in the CE version.



All the printing of the game details are actually on a protective plastic sleeve, which just slides off to reveal the plain box.  I guess this is an easy way of making the set for each region without having to make up different boxes.  I like it, as the box by itself looks really nice.

Once you lift off the top of the box, Sonics face drops forward to reveal…


Very little…  The game and other goodies are house under the lid in a blue bit of cardboard with more party like embossing.  Like this:

The top of the box where the main goodies are kept is nicely packed like so.

The game, the box for the ring, and the CD.  Under the blue section is the art book.

The game comes with a nice lenticular slip case, which has a 3D looking background (as the game can be played in 3D on compatible TVs) and interchangeable Sonics.

Flip it one way, Classic, the other Modern.
I like that effect, it is clear and well done..

The normal PS3 plain case is underneath the lenticular one.

Once opened, the game case is the standard fare.  Included is the download code for a Casino Night zone themed Pinball bonus stage and a PS3 background theme.  The disc has the cover printed on it and the instructions have character introductions and information.  On the back is a plug for the Sonic Website.


The next little box next to the game case, has the limited edition gold ring.  I open the box up and look what is greeting me!


The covering case can be opened up if your ring number is obscured by the writing on the case.  It is remarkably hefty.

Each one is individually numbered as well, I have number…

10964/12000.  I guess that must mean there are only 12000 of these sets.  Only I say… Ha ha ha!  It has a nice little Sonic logo on it as well and the ring itself is pretty big too!


Next to the three inch Classic Sonic and Modern Tails.

Next on the tour is the CD/DVD package.  The DVD is region 0, so it plays on any DVD player.  Handy!  It has a CD on one side, with some cool Sonic Tracks, many (if not all) of which appear to be unlockable in the game for use on levels if you so desire.  On the other, is the DVD with a little documentary on the history of Sonic featuring interviews with important people, such as Yuki Naka, and many others.  I haven’t gotten around to watching it just yet, but will do soon.


The sides fold over, much like a pop-up book, and more little explsiony things pop up from the middle.  This one doesn't seem to do it so great, but I have seen another that does it well.


The CD has some music from each of the games that Generations re-visits.  It’s pretty cool, especially listening to Toxic caves ( I think) from Sonic Spinball, which has some awesome boom to it!


Getting there, next up is what appears to be the top of the inner box, but is actually a little hard cover book!

This is the artbook which features art from the last 20 years.  It has fonts, sketches of characters, computer renders, all sorts of stuff in there.  I wonder if the first sketch of Sonic is in there.  If I remember correctly, he was originally intended to be a rabbit!  Oh Mr. Needlemouse you!

Front and back respectively.


It has artwork from the music soundtrack releases as well. OOoh! there IS a Sonic & Knuckles one there!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Almost done, pulling out the big box from within the bigger box is a nice surprise.  I can’t wait for this!!

Heeeeeellllllloooooo!  What be this?

Why it be a statue of both Sonics, waggling their fingers in their own way standing on a ring base!  It is along the same sort of lines of statues from Kotobukiya and the like really.  I suspect made of PVC (will have to check up on that) and complete.

Let’s have a closer look.

Both Sonics are nicely sculpted and I really like the ‘mirror’ pose they are set in.  The colours are good, with Modern being darker blue than Classic and their shoes are appropriately similarly  different  (Now THAT’s an oxymoron if ever I saw one!).  I really like the sculpt here, you can see and understand the differences between the two, the way Modern has angled elbows, whereas Classic’s just kind of bend around!  That is a really nice touch, as it is much like the artwork that they are both with.  I guess Modern is supposed to have more ‘realistic’ proportions, hence the longer legs and arms and sleeker look.  Really Classic is rather pudgy and cute, Modern is sleek and fast.

Their hands are clasped differently, I guess longer fingers allowed modern to have a little gap.


The spikes are spot on and both are a great 3d representation of their respective selves.

Nice details on their faces as well.  That cheeky smile, Modern’s green eyes and Classic’s little gleam.


Even their ears are pretty good too!

The base is cool, with the name of the game and a golden ring look to it.  Nice and polished as well.


Man, that looks great!  All up this is a fantastic Collector’s Edition.  Sure it is expensive, but considering how pricey those statues can go for, and you get a game and some other nice goodies in there too, I think it was completely worth the effort.  The Ring, book and CD/DVD are a great touch and this set just oozes awesome all of the place.  This set was only released in the PAL regions as well, much to the chagrin of my cross continental friends in the Americas. Sorry guys.    Good news though is the PS3 goes for region free gaming.  Heck, I’d buy one, sell the game and get a US game if I had to ( and if I were in the USA).  Buuut I didn’t have to.  If you like your Sonic lots and have been a fan from his good days to the (too many) not good days, then this is the edition you NEED to have.

I just checked where I got mine from and they have sold out.  Now I dread to think of how much this may go for on the secondary market, considering how expensive it was in the first place, so be aware, if you are chasing one, it may well be even more ridiculously expensive.  Be warned.  That is a judgement call you must make.  I like this set and will keep it forever, but I got it at retail pricing.  I think any higher and I would have probably passed.  Or at least thought twice about it.

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