Saturday 26 November 2011

Final Day–Caversham Park and Chocolate factory

Ok here we are on the final day of my wild flower tour guiding and since we had covered most of the flower possibilities of the state, we decided to head on over to Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park.  Whiteman Park is a national park and is known to have flowers as well.  Convenient isn’t it?

So after arriving, we headed straight on in. There is a charge for this place, it is like a Zoo, but privately run and a little bit more hands-on.  They allow many of the animals to roam freely.  Well the marsupials anyway.

Aww lookit that little guy.

They did have a small show and brought out some birds to have a looks at as well.


I went looking for a ‘Dingo show’ area and came across this guy.


Got my information that I required and headed off.  Wasn’t really a ‘Show’ as such, but had a nice chat with one of the animal handlers.


The on/off rain managed to keep a lot of the animals snug inside their burrows.  That’s why there are some shots of animal bumbs.  Like above, creamy possum bumbs.

Echidna Bumbs.

Foxes, a kookaburra, bats and something cute and huddled together and some redtailed black cockatoos!  Massive birds those black cockatoos!!

The incredibly rare Bed-Headed bird!!

A duck (possibly the Hardhead), koalas, some koala poo, no doubt eucalypt scented and another possum I think.  Quite cute and speckled with a little pink nose.

A long nosed port-a-loo oh, sorry, that’s ‘roo.’  Sleeping wombat and a blackswan with a gosling ( ?) Baby swan.

There was a walk through kangaroo petting section.  You could wander in and feed the kangaroos there.  I tell you this, even though the Caversham Wildlife park is into a bit of conservation, they are going to have to do something about their Kangaroos.  There were so many!  All living an easy life, getting fed by tourists.


It was tad creepy when they all swarm around one person and I saw more than one little kid start crying.  They will be scarred for life…  Ratchet wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way and I guess kangaroos must be colour blind as one started to munch upon him.  I had to quickly grab him from the jaws of herbivorous death!

More Kangaroos on the way though I see…


Oh my.

After a pretty full day there we headed off to the Margaret River Chocolate factory.  Always a delight, with nice coffee and random chocolate themed goodies.  Free samples of choccy drops and a window to look into the  ‘factory’ which is usually not doing much at the time.  I think it was a Sunday we were there and I have never gone on the weekend.  I see now why.  It was PACKED!


Ratchet met up with a pal and managed to traverse some rocky road.  We had a nice little cup of coffee there and some cake as well I believe.  It is usually nice there and this time was the same, despite the occasionally rainy weather.  Better service that was quicker than at Kings Park as well!

Some final random shots of my foot playing in a puddle.


Drainage isn’t so good there I see.

A good day was had by all.  We got our visitors’ bags from the hotel and went home where they did some repacking and headed off to the airport where they returned from whence they had come.  Thus ending my merry adventure, which I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed.

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