Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Today’s gets.

Still no time to enjoy.  My last gets post was too long, o I thought I would put thee guys into a new one.


Ok, it’s all about gaming today! 


Original SNES cart, instructions and box for Chrono Trigger!  Boooyah! Never had a SNES and can’t use, but a nice addition to my set.


Fantasy Zone collection for my Saturn.  Opa-Opa rules! Waku-Waku 7 which I hoope is a quirky but cool Streetfighter-esque game.  I was surprised to find that it came with the 4MB Ram cart as well!  Great!  Another for my collection, I already have about 4, but another can’t really hurt!


And a PS3 Batarang Controller.  Feels nice, with a somewhat 360 ish setup.  I remember thinking the 360 had a good controller for FPS’s so am looking forward to giving it a crank on COD World at War!  Or Fallout 3, Duke Nukem, and any others I come across.  It has nice flashy lights too!  review when I get to it….



Sigh.  Back to packing.

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