Saturday 26 November 2011

Sonic CD Soundtrack review


Oh hoo hooo hooo!  I nabbed this off of Amazon Japan since I have been all a flutter over the spiky blue blur as of late.  When it arrived in the post, I stopped and thought, “Why did I buy this?”  You see, I already have the Mega CD game, and since the mega CD just used normal audio tracks for most of the music, one can get the soundtrack by playing them straight off the game disc…



So anyway, now I have it.  It is interesting, not quite up to scratch with the very cool Sonic 1 & 2 Soundtrack that I got earlier, but not too shabby really.  The thing I find most interesting about this is that it has a full version of the somewhat lack lustre song, ‘Sonic Boom’ which I believe was the theme song for the American release.  The PAL and Jap release both used “You can do anything” (which I always called “Toot, Toot Sonic Warrior” as I never heard the title in the song lyrics…  And after reading the words, they aren’t in there.. WHA?).


Anyway, Sonic Boom is unlocked in the Generations game and having listened to it a couple of times, I think toot toot is a much better song.  Sonic Boom, just sounds, so, uum, dull.  No one seems to care about the song, it has no ‘oomph’ to it.  It just exists..  sad really.


Ok onto the CD itself.



It features the artwork that I know and love.  I quite like that art, with Metal and Sonic facing off like that.  Oh, for those not in the know, this was the first game to have ‘Metal Sonic’ (not A robot sonic) and Amy made her debut here as well.



CD is fairly plain.  I suspect they didn’t expect this to sell as well as 1 & 2’s Soundtrack.  Really though, how nice does the disc need to look, after all it spends its time in the player right?




The booklet has the track list and the lyrics for some of the songs on it, as well as a few shots of the opening anime to the game, which is nice.  I always loved that scene and for me it was one of the first times for me to have seen Sonic racing around the world in the way I imagined him on my TV!


It also has some interviews, but this time they are in Japanese, except for one, with Alex Makhlouf of Cash Cash apparently.  Means nothing to me, but hey, I am a grumpy young man.


Of course it has the music from the game, that includes all versions of each level, good future, bad future, past and present.  All the music has a very 90’s feel to me, synthesised with small samples chucked in, sometimes making something cool and sometimes sounding a tad lame.  The Robotnik fighting music for one always sounded a little lame to me..


It is missing a couple of tracks.  One that immediately springs to mind is the warp music.  Well, it is more of a sound effect.  Am I being picky?  Probably.  After all it does contain Zone clear, speed up and invincible music for example.


So essentially what I am saying is, if you love Sonic CD and don’t have the game on Mega CD, then this soundtrack is worth a purchase.  If you have the Mega CD game, then you can just use that in the CD player for the same effect.


Personally, I think it will look nice on the shelf next to my other Sonic music CDs.  Hopefully they will do a Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles compilation!

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