Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Latest goodies. Little time for fun…

These arrived over the past week.  Sadly though with an imminent moving of abode on the plans, I have very little time to enjoy them.

Firstly we have Sonic Underground DVD box set.  Which is complete.  I never watched Sonic underground, mainly because it looked terribly weird.  Sonic has siblings? And is a Prince of the realm?  In a Band?  How do they come up with these concepts…  I do look forward to watching it though.

Shin Shinobiden (or Shinobi X as it released in the English speaking lands) fro my Sega Saturn.  A L-R shooter, much like all other games of the Shinobi series, but with digitised sprites far the characters.  Much like Mortal Kombat 1, 2 & 3.  Might have been cool in the day (unlikely) but looks a bit naff now, there is something odd about the look of the animation.  A nice addition to my collection for amusement sake.  It has cheesy cut scenes acted out as well. Hilarious!!

GI Hoe Specialist Trakker.  I usually have no interest in GI Joe, but this guy has an interesting history.  Much like the Machine-Men (Gobots) toys of the 80’s making a crossover into the Transformers universe (EG BugBite in the Botcon “Game of Deception” and Fracture, a black repaint of Mirage for the Movie 1 line), Trakker is Matt Trakker, the leader of M.A.S.K.  He used to get around n a sports car which had gull wing doors and it could fly with jets.  He had a mask called Spectrum which could project holograms and fought against the evil V.E.N.O.M and Myles Mayhem (who cameos in the Animated Allspark Almanac).

Hatchet from the Movie 3 Line of Transformers.  A nice ‘dread’ TF.  It’s a small size, erm Commander class I think it is called, but equivalent to scout size in the old scale.  Compact little jet mode, and a cool animalistic robot mode.  Paint it white and you have Sky-Lynx.

Finally, Batman: Arkham City.  After Arkham Asylum, there was no way I was going to miss out on this baby.  I got a steel book edition which has a nice cover.  Absolutely incredible game let down only by the crappy TV i have been playing it when not at home.  OH and the annoying message telling me how to counter blade attacks, which I rarely do successfully, so I just go for the dodge, but the message won’t go away, blocking my view of the battle.  Therefore leading to a slap in the face and the end of my combo run…

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