Thursday, 27 October 2011

Into the city, Taka’s kitchen and Ramen?

Another trip into the city and another exciting adventure (I guess).


I love Ramen, the delightful noodle soup dish originally from China but adopted by Japan.  Sadly here in Perth, Ramen is notoriously hard to come across.  Then I  heard about a place called Taka’s kitchen whipping out some ramen. 


Taka’s kitchen was (when I was last kicking around town regularly at the very least) known for cheap but decent Japanese foods.  The food usually tasted pretty good and most of the time Taka’s Kitchen actually had Japanese staff working.  So things could be ok, as I have had some bloody awful ramen in Perth at times.


So we arrived at Taka’s Kitchen in Shafto lane.   The menu was limited in regards to the ramen side of things.  Mainly with a selection of Miso or Soy sauce Ramen.  We chose Soy sauce.


They arrived.




On a dirty tray no less.  Anyway the ramen looked interesting but had a lot of fat floating on top of the broth.


A taste later and something was wrong.  The soup was perhaps originally ok from the start, but something had tainted the flavour.  It turned out that in the ramen was chicken, but instead of being just plain chicken, I think if you had to put chicken in, thigh would be the best, jut plain though.


Unfortunately this chicken was actually teriyaki chicken….  And the sweetness of the chicken permeated throughout the soup ruining the broth. 


It did have some egg in it, which always goes well in ramen.  However, this time, I discovered some shell in there as well. 

Which doesn’t go well in ramen….


Right there in the middle of the spoon, on top of the noodles. 




So all up a failure for Taka’s kitchen and the ramen.  It was pretty bad and I won’t be going there again. 


Good thing that there is a real ramen place in town.


  1. Sorry to hear about your unenjoyment. Ramen is so good, but easily screwed up.

  2. Oh yeh. More bad than good over here...


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