Thursday 13 October 2011

Classic Sonic & Motobug by Jazwares


Oooooo! It’s fat little chubby Sonic!  Just the way I like him.  For the imminent release of the brilliant looking Sonic Generations game, the good people at Jazwares have made some action figures! OH YEH!  I ordered a bunch online and then by a lucky chance found a limited selection locally!  So, I nabbed the 3 inch sized Classic Sonic and the next day I went back and got Tails.


So now I have a cute little gallery for this little guy.  Hmmm, retro!


What I really like with this series is the 3 inch figures come with an enemy robot as well!  Most awesome of awesome (is that even possible?), Sonic comes with…


A Motobug!       OMG! I am in love.



Thank you Sonic Generations, toys are so damn lovely

Oh, Motobug, the most indifferent of Robotnick’s robots.  Unlike the others who would patrol their areas and take a shot at you when you are around, Motobug just rolls about whether he sees Sonic or not…


Bets of all, Motobug is the first Badnick that Sonic encounters.  Oh, the love!

Behold! Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) Megadrive.



Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Master System.



Sonic Chaos (Unsure) Master System.



Truly Motobug is to Sonic what the first Goombah is to Mario.



Such a chump, but so very deadly.  Think about it, these guys are probably the weakest bad guys in video games, but I think they have the highest kill count.  All those newbies to the game (yes, I was one too once) would have come to a shocking and sudden death as the first encounter was encountered ( ?!? ) unprepared!


Erm, well onto the toy.



Start with the packet.  It is the standard blister on card set.  The card seems the same on the back, but the inside that faces the toy is different depending on the year of the toy!  Sonic has a background of Green Hill Zone and Tails has a background of the Chemical Plant Zone.  Hmm, that also coincides with the zone the Badnick is from.



The back seems standard for all the characters, although I have only bought two so far…


I like the packaging, it’s simple, colourful and effective.




You can see  Motobug quite easily.  Sonic is positioned straight on.




You can see the Green Hill Zone behind the Sonic and Motobug.  It has a foiled 20th Anniversary logo and the font of the name is the same as the original game!  NICE!


A clear view of the backing card.


Simple, but I like the effort of the screen shot.  I even know where that little hill is! 


Figure time. Sonic is loose!!



Cute little guy isn’t he?  One thing that I was a bit apprehensive about was balance.  The 3.75 inch figures (such as this one) gave me many issues when trying to make him stand due to the weight of the spikes on the head.  The 3.75 ones usually came with a little stand thing.  Not this guy.


He is smaller than I first thought he would be.  Articulation is a tad limited, no elbow or knee joints for example, but hey, his legs are so short, they were unlikely really.  But hey, they aren’t really needed.




He has a waist, hip joints with swivels and hinges, same with the shoulders.  His wrists and ankles twist and his head can move left and right.



Detail on the sculpting is good, and simple.  As you would want for Classic Sonic.  Nice sculpted fists, the all important buckles on his sneakers are there and his spikes and little tail.  Best of all, his face is really ace, with a really good cheeky smirk.




The all important eyes are all pupil!!!!!  None of this green iris thing going on!


His ears area a good size and look spot on and the spikes on the back of his head are cool as well!




The bottom od his shoes have the details.




Sonic is smaller than the other figures, but a lot fatter too!


Motobug, Classic Sonic and Jet the Hawk (3.75 inch) from Sonic Riders.



As you  can see though in the shots of his head, there are quite a few plastic seams in his pikes.  They were on some of the other Sonic figures I have, but not quite so pronounced.

Now, onto MOTOBUG!


He looks soooooo apathetic!




He looks good, and is appropriately coloured.  It is just one chunk of plastic though, so unfortunately the wheel doesn’t turn.  He also doesn’t stand by himself either.  I usually try to avoid using blutack and the like for figures, but had no choice for Motobug.  It’s either lean him against something, or stick him down.  Sculpting is really nice though and since that is all he really has, on with the pictures!!!




As you can see, the sculpting is pretty good.  There are little handle things on the back and the little spots on his back.  I really like the small grill in his umm, bottom.  Even the exhaust pipes have extra details.  All this extra stuff that has been added, especially considering the 16 bit sprite he originated from.  Although I think there is an updated Motobug that is in on of the levels of Sonic Colours.




I actually really like this little Motobug, about my only complaint was that he is unable to stand by himself, but the only way this could be fixed I guess would be through flattening the tyre or adding more to it, which would ruin the look of the figure.  Personally I am quite happy to stick him down with some extra help.



Altogether these two are a pretty good couple.  Sonic is cute and has the right amount of articulation.  He has trouble standing by himself though and no knees or elbows, but he is very small and that is understandable.  I used blutack on Sonic as well for most of my photos, but after some messing around with his legs and feet, I have eventually managed to get him to be pretty sturdy and have him hanging around my work space to run around freely.  Motobug is a nice extra inclusion and it’s cool to see a Robotnick Badnick made into plastic glory.


I bought this guy from Gametraders for $15 if I remember correctly and I think that is a fair price for what they are and considering the mark up Australia always has on toys,  even then, it’s only a couple dollars more than the US price.  I would recommend this little guy to people if you like Sonic, especially if you like the Megadrive/Genesis Sonic.


He does make a nice counterpoint to the modern Sonic figures that Jazwares have been making and his price is good if you aren’t that serious into your toy buying.  On the plus side, I have seen a 5 inch Classic Sonic and a 10 inch Classic Sonic in the works.


Next up will be the Classic Tails I bought!

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