Tuesday 11 October 2011

Today’s gets… OCD Alert!

Classic Tails, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus collection and a gacha Linebeck!!  Linebeck, from Zelda and the Phantom Hour Glass comes with a ruppee!  Awesome!

Read on for a Game comparison.

So, since I got the special box set for these and after reading some reviews, I decided to get the English version as well.  How game collecting obsessive compulsive is that??


Normal looking game case with ICO on one side and Shadow on the other.  Compare that with the box set…

Instructions are plain and normal as well.
Compared to the Japanese Box set ones on the right…

you do get a download voucer though, for a behind the scenes video and dynamic themes, probably the same ones as the Japanese version.

Considering how the games cost about the same, 6000yen for the awesome box set and $59 for a normal game….

All this so I can play through ICO and have Yorda’s speech timed with subtitles I can read…  Sad hey?

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