Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tets goes to town. On town.

Ok, I am going to have a good old whinge here.  I can’t help it, but my recent(ish) trips to the city have been kind of stupid.  If you have been reading my recent holiday posts, you will know I have just been on a little holiday.  Well, before that holiday I made a trip into the city.  I would like to point out that this would have been  the first part of September…


The 10th of September if I go by looking at the date on the pictures I took.  I will show you the ones I took of a certain store front window.


Please keep in mind that these were taken at the start of September!




David jones, yep in the city.  Nothing wrong with that.






A Christmas Display?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?  I mean, come on.  It’s still 4 months away!


That was it for that day.


After my holiday, I made another trip into town.  Looking at Transformers in Myer of all places.  I actually found a bargain as well.  2 Surprises, 1. A cheap Transformer (a surprise in itself) 2. It was at Myer!  Whoa!  Have I walked into Bizzaro world??  That was a good part.




The bad part came over here…



“For my convenience…”  Erm, no.  That’s not convenient.  For my convenience, there would be a person HERE.


I then had to go to Babyworld.  I had no idea which direction Babyworld was, so I kind of walked around randomly until I found it.  It was the next section, so it wasn’t far. 


Now, the one thing I hate about department stores (there are many though) is having to line up nehind people buying clothes.  It’s the worse possible scenario.  Why?  Because customer buys the clothes and then the clothes are folded before being put into a bag.  Nice, but the folding takes forever.  That really annoys me for some reason, even when I buy clothes.  Nevertheless, what would expect the majority of sales in a baby section be?  Of course baby clothes.


So, not only was it inconvenient to have no-one at the toy section, they have a passively worded sign avoiding the fact that the checkout is closed (It’s just as bad as ‘Let us serve you at another checkout."  Just say the damn thing is closed!), I then have to wait for 3 people to buy baby clothes (all having multiple baby clothes).  It gets to my turn and the lady serving me is nice enough, so plus points there, but I did only have to buy my Rescue Bot Optimus Prime.  Which ended up being quite a bit more inconvenient than the sign first stated…


I can understand the checkout being closed, it was probably the toy section person’s lunch time.  Fair enough, but DO NOT pretend to do me a favour with a patronising BS sign.  If anything, the convenience is for Myer as they don’t have to cover the staff member over lunch.  Assuming there was one on the day in first place.


Finally, Myer being a rival to David Jones.  Also had their Christmas section up.





Now, this second trip was on the 19th of September.  Still a good 3 months away from Christmas.


I am sure I won’t be the only one to mention this, and the shops will say what they always say “there is demand for it, so that’s why it’s out so early.”  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy walking through the Christmas section of shops, especially when they have a really good display.  I rarely buy anything as it is pretty much all junk anyway and not in the slightest Transformer related, but it always annoys me that they are getting earlier and earlier.


Well, I did see Hot Cross Buns and easter eggs for sale on New Years day last year, so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised…


So a little bit hit and miss there Myer.  David Jones loses due to their extremely early Christmas setup, Myer has a slight win in the friendly service that I received, but suffers a major loss as their wording of the sign and making me wait for baby suits to be folded and bagged.


  1. Nigh on identical to a story i had from Myer Garden City.. except it actually was christmas. We were buying pillows though... I shit you not, 6 ppl waited for a single checkout chick (who was a 60 yr old indian dood) to wrap up some PLASTIC christmas balls. Individually.

    By the time he got to us, he tried to charge us the non sale price. When i pointed to the big sign indicating 30% off, he went and spoke with someone for 10 mins before coming back and calculating 30% off incorrectly. By this time the queue was smaller since people had started leaving!

    GOD! Those stores are the absolute worst. You think it's bad going to a K-mart and being served by a 12 year old, but Myer & David Jones employee decrepit old fools who couldn't serve to save their lives.

    And "for your convenience", they charge a premium for the same shit you can get elsewhere. Why *do* i go there again?

  2. Silly shopping centres, don't they know that Nov is the earliest they should start selling Christmas stuff, once i take over the world that is when they can sell their christmas wares


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