Tuesday 4 October 2011

Ico/Wanda and the Colossus Ltd Box

Ok, I can’t contain my excitement about his set.  It is the release of the brilliant games from the PS2, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  This is the Japanese release which has a super sexy box set and is the enhanced version for the PS3.   I raved on about how Shadow of the Colossus was one of my favourite games in another post and since PS2 game look like poop on a nice TV, I have been hoping for an update like this since they announced the God Of War games.

Read on to see how wonderful this set is.

Well, it comes in a lovely all-encompassing box for a start.  It has some great artwork on it and the name of the set is slightly embossed as well.

It has a sleeve thing around most of it, so you don’t get to see the whole box art until you take it out of the plastic.  On the back it has the usual info, number of players, rating, sound and resolution output etc.  They actually enhanced the game to make them both 3-D.  Man, I would actually quite like to see Shadow in 3-D!  There are no pictures spruiking the games or graphics, mainly due to it being a collector’s edition.  It also comes with a voucher for a dynamic theme and Avatar thingo.

Out of the plastic, behold the vibrant box!!!


MMmmmmm, close-ups!!

The back has a nice effect, in that the names are embossed and slightly glossily printed.  You have to look very closely.  I love the outer box, it really ads a bit of pizazz!!

The box is a slip case of sorts, you have probably seen the type on DVD box sets.  Inside are the two separate game cases, an art book and the download voucher code.


The game cases.

Ico (pronounced ‘eeko’ like the ‘i’ in ‘it’)

Still sealed… for now

Not anymore though!
The inside and Instructions look great, both Shadow and Ico had interesting instruction manuals, quite different from the usual type you see with the controller map and things in there.


Shadow of the Colossus, or Wanda and the Colossus in Japan.

Unsealed.  I couldn’t wait and got it cranking when I got home.

Instructions are cool for this one too!


Very nice so far!  Next up, a little look at the art book.  It has a small section spruiking the next game from the same studio, called “The Last Guardian”   (Video here) and some interviews and stuff on that. Later on in the book, it has some storyboards for both Shadow and Ico and art sketches.  It’s a really good little book actually.  I wasn’t expecting it to be this good!


Finally the voucher with my download code, obscured naturally.  I want that dynamic Theme!!


So, all up a really good little set.  Nice and cheap, I managed to get mine for 6000 yen and with some FANTASTIC presentation going on, this is a great limited edition version of the game.  Collectors edition? Hell yes it certainly is.  I recommend this to everyone!  The games are both ace and the whole package just oozes class!!!


  1. Please, please scan the artbook or at least the lithography of the two games please i cant find the image in hq

    1. I would like to say fine, but the fact that I am a little bit lazy and lacking a scanner at the moment says I probably won't get around to it. Sorry


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