Tuesday 11 October 2011

From Denham to Monkey Mia, and beyond!! (Geraldton)

So after a fantastic night at Denham looking at incredible stars, seeing the Milky way after many years and a good nights sleep, we awoke to a beautiful day and some early breakfast.  We then packed our things to head north to Monkey Mia.  Monkey Mia is known for the Dolphin feeding and has a reserve set aside fro their protection.  It has also become a place of dolphin study.

We headed over there for a look see.  At the early morning feeding, heaps of people were there, and only a couple of dolphins.  These dolphins are wild and they have a good set up so that the dolphins don’t get too dependent on people feeding them fish.  We left Denham early as it is a goo 30 min drive to Monkey Mia and the guide books say that the dolphin feeding starts at 7.45am.  We arrived at about 7.40 ish and discovered a lot of people and a whole load of nothing going on.  Turns out that due to law restrictions, they aren’t allowed to feed until 8.  Anyway, 8am came and one dolphin showed up, we plonked ourselves (along with about 200 or so others) onto the beach shore with our feet in the water, much to the amusement of the one dolphin no doubt.  Each dolphin can have about 4 fish for each feeding, so you had to be pretty damn lucky to get selected.  None of my party did, but there would be other feedings along the day.


The kid got to feed the dolphin.  Lucky little fella, first of four for the morning feeding!

So after that not so lucky adventure, which ended at about 8.15/30-ish, we went looking for a cruise. Since we had plans to be in Geraldton that evening, it couldn’t be a long one, so we checked with the information bay place and was told that there could be a cruise, as long as the minimum amount of people showed up, Just talk to the captain. 

Off to the jetty we ran, and the captain was there, after a quick chat and some exchanging of funds, it was revealed that the minimum people needed were four.  Lo! We were four!  Huzzah!.

And off we went for a cruise.

Dolphins swimming around the boat and one riding the bow.
Beautiful weather for a cruise!


It was a nice big catamaran, and the staff took us out to an area where they had seen some dugong feeding  a few days ago.   They could be there, and they might not be there.  I don’t think it mattered really.  Personally I was happy to be floating around on a boat in the sun.  We spied a couple of dolphins who had a bit of a ride on the bow of the boat, and ended up quite far out.

Finally we spotted the possibility of some dugongs and went to investigate. 

Turns out that they were there, quite a few in fact, munching on the sea grass that was around. The thing is though, dugongs can hold their breath for a good five minutes or so, so actually seeing them is a fleeting moment, before you see their tails flip up into the air as they dive deep into the water to graze.

The fantastic colours of the earth!
After that it was time up and we headed back into shore, spying a few more dolphins, a sleeping turtle in the water and heaps of people awaiting the boat at the jetty.  The boat pulls up, and 4 people (us) get off, make our way through the crowd and then sit there and think “Hey, we just got a private cruise, while all these chumps have to put up with a good 50 odd other people there.”  ALL RIGHT!
The catamaran on which we four rode.  And then the next cruise’s load of people.  Man we were lucky there!
We then hit the local cafe for a lovely cuppa, some muffins and scones. Nice.

Really nice water at the beach as well.
Then the long haul, off to Geraldton, past most of the places we had gone before, Denham, Shell Beach, Hamelin pools, the Overlander Road house, Billabong roadhouse, we by-passed Kalbarri saving a good hour and a quick stop in Northhampton for some Sandwiches for lunch, ending up in Geraldton.    It was one of the longest continual drives I have ever done and remarkably enjoyable. 

On the way to Denham you pass through the 26th Parralell.  Naturally as a bit of a nerd, I had to stop for this.  Why is it any different to any oher spot?  Just because an imaginary line goes through a certain spot..


For some reason, it took less time to get from Monkey Mia to Denham, then to the Overlander Roadhouse than it did to go from the Roadhouse to Monkey Mia.  I wonder why that is…

We arrived late in Geraldton, about 4:30 pm and found our lodgings, a lovely House located super close by the beach.  I tell ya, we have hit some awesome places to stay for this trip and they have been less expensive and nicer than many other places I have seen.  HACHAAAA!

So being super close by the beach, and with the sun setting, despite the light layer of cloud cover we head for the beach to watch the sun go down.  Due to the cloud cover, we ended up with a quiet spectacular sunset which finished the day nicely. 

Even Ratchet thought it was a magnificent sunset!
Back in the house and a nice cup of tea and a sit and relax for a bit, we made dinner.  Spaghetti bolognaise and a salad, eating together and a chat.  A nice family way to end the day, and since it was the first place with a bath, I decided to make good use of it and had a great hot steamy bath!

About midnight I hit the sack.  Big day followed as it was the ride home.

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