Saturday 24 December 2011

Tree interpretations.


Over the past few months that are encompassed within the realm of “Christmas,”  I have noticed and interesting trend in the old Christmas Tree.


Today, being Christmas eve, I thought I would share the ones that I was most impressed with.



The first is probably the one that is most aesthetically pleasing.  I say aesthetically, as it irks me somewhat that it is just a huge advertisement for a product which I don’t really like all that much which comes every year.  So I must admit though, despit my ‘moral’ objections to the consumerism link, the overall effect was pretty impressive.




It was hung from the roof and must have taken a while to set up.  Even the star is made the same way.  Underneath is a cafe and if you so desired you could sit underneath the tree and enjoy a cuppa.  The cafe makes nice coffee there, but it has a tendency to take a while.  Obviously it is an ad fro Ferrororororor Rocher.



The same day, I found this in the supermarket.



Lots of advertising dollars spent on Christmas I see.



Next up, the most moral-ing pleasing and interesting for looking at.  I quite liked the inventiveness of this tree. It was in the city.





Somewhat cleverly made of old bikes.  It had lights in various forms, and some decorations, which advertised Coles, but it wasn’t that noticeable….





So there we go.  One for scale and grandness, the other for inventiveness.


Hope you are having a nice relaxing Christmas Eve.  I am!


Merry Christmas!

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  1. I think I jinxed myself by stating I was having a good Christmas eve. Emergency call from work in the evening and off I went. I was previously happy in that this was the first Christmas Eve that I have not had to work on and been in the country for. Oh well...


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