Monday 18 April 2011

LEGO men invasion


I was walking around the shop, trying to amuse myself while the better half was browsing for some new clothes and these individual packs of LEGO men things captured my interest.  They are random packs of assorted LEGO men.  So as it was a 20% off sale and they were down from the usual price of $5 to $3.90 or so, I thought for a laugh I would grab one. 


So I did.


Since they are a lucky dip style, in that the package on the outside is the same and you can’t see the toy inside, my first pick was naturally random and I opened it to see a (and be pleased with) a rather nifty Wolf-man!  Obviously based on the original movie named Wolfman, I was happy with this guy.



  Rather impressed with the look of this guy.  Torn clothes revealing his chest, rips pants and what I really liked was one shirt arm missing!  He comes with a bone accessory for some reason, perhaps to lessen the terror and add some cute to it.


The hair is like other LEGO’s helmets which pop over his printed head.  They all seem to come with a little black flat piece for a stand.  I quite like this idea.




On the back of the pack, the better half spotted a guy in a hazardous materials/radiation suit and she said she wanted that one.  With the deal being lucky dip, I thought it might be a bit hard to find.  I thought about it for a while..



The next day I was out and about with some friends, one of which was a LEGO fan and I was discussing my impressions of the Wolf-man.  We wandered into a shop and they had the lucky dips there and he started buying some as he was after an Elf.  I started feeling my way through some of the packages, as I thought that Rad man’s helmet would be large enough to recognise.  I felt one I thought would be right and bought it.


Over lunch we opened the packs to see what was what.


Lo and Behold!



  My selection idea had been right.  Fondling packages to find the helmet worked!!  One Radiation Man!  He muct work at the Fukushima Power Plant.  Poor guy, hope everything there is ok and it doesn’t go on for much longer.


  He comes with a large helmet, scared face (love that, it’s great) and  a spray gun that plugs into his back.  The colours aren’t all that varied, but it looks pretty good using just the yellow and black. 



IMG_5359If you remove the helmet, helmet, you can see the printed belt, with crease lines where the bulky suit would be pulled in a bit!  Nice.  The gun plugs into the back of the helmet.







Then my friend had a couple of spares, as he bought about 6 to find his Elf.  And there was a little Samurai, which I snapped up for a laugh!




  Kind of excited about this guy, as he comes with an armour plate that slide over the normal Lego chest.  on his thoighs is a printed scale mail cover and the grey bit on his chest is his breast plate.  The face is well done, with a little moustache and pencil thin beard down the side.


  His helmet has different options as well.  there is a clip in the middle over the brow and on the sides are a couple of thin holes that could have something put in there as well.



Quite impressed with the sculpting of the helmet.  The shoulder pads look pretty good as well.  Under the breats plate is a flower print on his body and it is printed to be a kimono style.  I think it might be around the wrong way though.  I will have to check on the wearing of a kimono, I have a feeling that it should be folded over from right to left, whereas his looks like its left to righ, the way a dead person is dressed. *need check*



The sword is pretty good, with sculpted hilt.



Finally you can swap Lego bits about, creating some funny things.


  Scared samurai.


  Cursed Dog warrior.


  I plugged the bone into the helmet’s clip for added effect!



  Experienced clean-up guy.  Or Gordon Freeman, you choose.



  Looks like the suit didn’t work…


  Dunno, homeless guy?  Tony Stark after a hard night out? 


  Post some ideas if you wish.


The clip options that Transformers have been coming with also allow for Lego hands!



Autobot Alliance Tomahawk dropping off some reinforcements.




  Looks like Rad man had heard about Atomic Lugnut.  Poor guy seems to get into a lot of trouble.


Lugnut on the hunt!




Lugnut has been commanded to wipe these puny humans from the earth!






Really digging what Lugnut can do with his hands!  Gordon Freeman to the rescue!




Rad man is gonnna take him on!





Original shots I used for the GIF file.



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