Saturday 30 April 2011

More new Goodies getto!

Caught up with some chums, had a chat and a trade, went home and went out with the better half.  Fantastic weather.  Brilliant day!


Also managed to find a He-man figure that I wanted for one reason, never knew the character, but with an awesome gimmick like he has, it doesn’t matter!


The whole hoard.  More pics inside!


Rather nicely, I managed to bag a lot of Geewunny goodness.  Inferno, who I have been after for a while, Targetmaster version of Hot Rod, the Cosmos containing minibots package (I finally have Powerglide!), Soundblaster  er, sorry Electrostatic Soundwave of an Animated variety (complete with nice shiny Ratbat), Elite Guard Optimus, another violent maid for my Violent Maid collection and the He-man figure I joined Matty-collector for, in the hope of it being re-issued, Scareglow.



Great Pun name, even better gimmick.


Scareglow,  for once I wasn’t cursing the stupid dark blue paint on the walls of the master bedroom of this house. Glad to see they actually came in handy.  Normally I curse them, as blue walls in a cupboard makes it rather hard to see the clothes you are pulling out.  This time, though it means I can photograph in a nice dark are during the day!



Little bit of flash to see what he looks like in the box.  You can sort of see his glow.





Damn, that is a frikkin awesome figure!  More pics coming later when I release him from his shackled state!






Forgot that I picked up another random Lego man.  Wasn’t the one I was after, but still pretty cool and I am not disappointed!


IMG_5675I say old chaps!

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