Sunday 10 April 2011

More stuff to work on

Just received this hot little item today.




Chougoukin Bizz Lightyear!!

A few more pics follow……



As you can see, it comes with a wealth of accessories, extra faces, hands, a nice stand, and even a rose for Spanish Buzz!   I like the way they included a mock instruction manual for the ‘proper’ Buzz toy, it looks just like the one used in Toy Story 3.  It has English pages to it, but repeats a lot of the same stuff. 


Being Chougoukin, which are made from Die cast metal (!) he is very hefty for such a little guy.



As you can see, despite his heft, he is still quite a small figure, standing the same size as my other big-chinned favourite, Sentinel Prime and only slightly taller than my headless BRS.  Hmm, I will have to get the Revoltech Buzz out and compare as well I think. 


Current impressions so far are positive!  More pics when I get time to do a review!

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