Wednesday 13 April 2011

Poppy seeds メー!

The better half and I went out for a lovely bike ride on a day off.  We decided it was appropriate for some hotdog lunch to be made.  However I was out of buns, so I zipped to the shops to get some.  The only ones left were ones with poppy seeds on them.


I would really like to slap the dick head who thought that putting poppy seeds on top of bread was a good idea.  It’s not!  They just make a mess all over the place.  I really hate them, well on my bread anyway.


Behold the results!!


Straight out of the bag and onto the chopping board for some slicing.  Already poppy seeds all over the place. Grrrr!




Now look at that, and I cut them open over the kitchen sink as well!  Man I hate bread with poppy seeds on them!

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