Friday 22 April 2011

More goodies get.

A nice little collection I haves here.


A lovely bunch o Generations figures, specifically 2 Scourges (to become sweeps) Wheeljack, Thundercracker, Kup and a super shiny Chogokin Hatsune Miku


Read on for initial impressions.


Initial impressions are pretty good.  WJ is quite something, it’s hard to believe that him and Tracks share the same body.  TC is better than I expected as well, the silver paint on the chest is really bright and silvery.  Here’s me expecting grey, now I am most curious to see which out of my TC’s is the nicest, Botcon, Henkei or this one. Wooooo. 


Scourge is damn fine as well,  Good robot mode, nice take on his vehicle mode and cool wing options.  The instructions are pretty damn useless though, more so than normal even, I duuno, they didn’t flow at all for me, they would keep flipping between bits all over the place.  Kup, well I prefer the shinier United version I got.


Miku is pretty speccy as well.  I believe this was a Wonderfest (convention in Japan) special.  It’s very nice, an upsized version of the figma one I am led to believe, but it is pretty good.  Nice shiny clothes and metallic sheen all over.  Cheaper than the figma release as well!  Definitely on the “review to-do list”!

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