Monday 22 November 2010

Figma Dead Master review.

After the joys of BRS, I decided it would be fitting to have a yin to the yang.  So here is Dead Master in Figma form.  It doesn't come with a bloody great big gun, but she does have a couple of skulls and a scythe.  Can it live up to the wickedness of BRS? 

When I opened the box, I though to myself, 'Oh, that's a bit sad.'  yes, Dead Master (DM) was intially a tad on the dissappointing side.  She's not very colourful, and doesn't have so many cool accessories.  However after spending a bit of quality play time I decided it wasn't half bad at all.

Lets get one thing out of the way here, DM is a goth maid....  Again, a maid character of death... Seems Japan has some strange fantasies in mind when creating characters.  As well as me I suppose...

First off when viewing, I thought the dress would get in the way of the legs.  It does, as it is solid plastic and attached to the torso.  Unlike other Figmas that I have with rubber dresses/skirts, this one is hard plastic.  She can't lift her knees too high, so there is no high kicking going on here, but really, the design and look of the character lends itself to a flying style, so I plonked her on her stand and did some posing.  And it was good.

As I stated before the colours are bland.  Primarily black and white.  Her ribbons on her dress are a pearl colour.  Skin is very pale in colour.  To add a bit of snazz though, there is a light bit of greeen tint in her hair, but it seems notoriously hard to photograph.  She has some nice transluscent horns on her head and a couple of bony "wings" on her back.  It makes her very grim-reaper looking.  Posability is good, aside from the problem of the dress, but that doesn't detract enough.

Accessories time.  She has a nice big scythe which has some cool rough looking paint apps on it, as well as two skulls, which both come with seperate stands for scary flying around.  and they have mouths which can be opened or closed.  The paint on the skulls is really good.  It has a sort of green marble looki and is kind of cool.  She has a spare face that has a tongue poking out and her creepy green eyes are looking out the sides.  Naturally she has lots of spare hands, which are skeletal and long and sharp looking.  One odd thing though, she has a fist set, but they can't be used to go around the scythe, so they are esentially useless.

She has some high heeled shoes moulded onto the bottom of her legs (as her feet of course) which can make balance and issue, but again, its not bad and probably on par with BRS.  Under her dress are some knicker-bockers (as they were called in the old days) or commonly known as knee length pants.  The moulding all round is nice and you can see that the dress is loose fitting and kind of flowing in style.  I was very surprised to see that she has the hint of additional detail of er, well, 'parts' (ahem) in her pants, which I haven't noticeed on Figmas, but Revoltech Queen's Blade are known for.  If you get my drift...  If I get the energy I shall have to check the other Figmas I have, as they might just be generic moulded waist section.
 I have a feeling they are just standard Figma pants parts, but black.
Final point of interest is her hair.  The curly bits are pliable rubber/plastic which was a good plan, as they would have gotten in the way of her arms otherwise, but as they are, they can be moved out of the way and look kind of natural.

So to sum up, Dead Master although being a tad plain colour wise, and being another death-maid, is actually not a bad figure.  Nothing too fantastic and not up the levels of awesome that BRS is, but still not too shabby nonetheless.

Piccies time!

The Skulls.

"Hi Mum!"

Odd hand out

Extra details on the back of the hands! Nice!

Random posings as I tested out for fun factor.  After all, toys are meant to be played with!!

"Does it hurt when I poke here?"

"Wa ha ha ha! All your compoopers are belong to us!"

Final shots below. Interesting snippet.  For the red one, I accidentally had my finger covering the flash.  I think it looks much better than the shot without.  Adds nicely to the death/evil vibe going on. Lucky fluke!

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