Saturday 20 November 2010

Japanese sweet red bean paste muffins. HELL YEH!

Ok, I had to make some morning tea for my final day of Prac.  So since I had gone to the effort of making some red bean paste (known as 'an' in Japanese) I thought I would use in muffins and see how it goes.  After all, anpan (an bread) is totally damn yummy!

I found a generic plain muffin recipe, slapped it all together and made 24 mini muffins. OH YEAH!

Also had enough for 2 normal muffins for myself and the better half.

They taste good and have nice texture and all. Maybe next time a bit more paste in the muffin mix.  just a shame that turning the red beans into (Azuki beans for those plaaying at home) took so long and so much effort.  At leats an hour of slow boiling and vigorous mashing afterwards.  It was worth the effort though!

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