Saturday 20 November 2010

New Goodies ゲット!

Ha ha ha ha!  Todays Grabs. (Dead Master just in there since I am testing it out )

Sonic Colours for the DS, Generations Dirge (soon to be compared to Henkei) and Generations Blurr, based on the IDW comic look I suspect, judging from the look of his noggin!

Hope DS version of SOnic is as fun as the Wii one!


  1. My county is so far behind on anything remotely new to Transformers. It will probably be another year before I see these two guys.

  2. I have been pleasently surprised how my neck of the woods has been since Generations started. Normally we are about 2-3 months behind the US(if lucky, at the time of Armada, it was almost 6 months). Wave 1 of generations (op, BB etc) was here first. I almost had a heart attack. Same acn't be sadi for Sonic the Hedgehog figures though...


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