Tuesday 23 November 2010

Jazwares Black Knight version of Sonic

Oh goodness me.  I was so scarred by the how bad Sonic and the Secret Rings was I didn't bother buying this game.  But I did want me a Sonic action figure.  So I opted for this little fella.  Considering the size of it (8cm) I thought it would suck.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Which is a relief, since they aren't distributed locally and I have to resort to ebay or online shops based in the US for these.  A lot of Sonic figures appear to be Toys R Us (in the USAonly) which meansI have to pay bloated scalper prices as well as a fair whack in postage.

Luckily it is remarkably well articulated.  Shoulders, elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, hips and wrists all allow for some movement.  The details are pretty good too.  Sonic is the right colour, hi ears are well moulded and he even has a slight frown between his eyes.  bets of all is the side-mouth smirk.  the nose a good size and the general aesthetics of the toy are fantastic. 

It is a great action figure of Sonic The Hedgehog.

I think Jazwares use this standard body for all the various Sonics thay have whipped out, as the one I got  with Sonic's car for Sega Allstars Racing has the same main body, but with hands that can hold the steering wheel.  hence, the only difference between this Sonic and the others in this size is his gauntlet clad hand and his sword.

Its good, as you can make him look like he is running like he does in the game.  However the balance is really, really bad.  The only way to have him stand up by himself is to have his head bent down and looking at the floor.  Oh well.  That's what Blu-tack is for isn't it?

Unlike the Sonic that comes with Sonic Colours, this one is good quality, although that may be luck of the draw, as the Shadow I got of this size had some issues, but I could fix them easily.  Although the issues were brought on by his bike...

I love this figure.  It's small, great and despite the balance issues, very very cool.  I don't even mind having a couple of versions of it.  Jazwareshave done well with such a small sized figure.  I am quite impressed and since I got this figure, I have gotten some Super-Posers.  They are pretty damn good too.  Good work Jazwares!!  I look forward to enhancing my collection!

The sword looks a bit like Link's master sword...

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