Tuesday 23 November 2010

Generations Blurr Pics and stuff.

I always had a soft spot for the speedy blue fast talker, and this time I am not talking about Sonic the Hedgehog...  this Blurr looks like he has a lot of elements from the IDW comics version that has Blurr on Cybertron before the Transformers got to Earth.  Well his head does.  The rest of him is just a recolour of Drift, with some small modifications.

The main modifications are a new head, the rear wing and the back of the car have been slightly changed and a new set of weapons.  The weapons really make this a lot cooler than it would have been otherwise.  for a start, he is armed with a bloody great long sniper rifle.  In his holsters on his waist are a couple of pistols as well.  Best thing? The pistols plug into the end of the rifle to form a stand and it becomes a triple barrelled rifle! very cool, very futuristic, very cool! (again)

The vehicle mode is a little off for Blurr.  Blurr is meant to be fast and sleek, whereas the mould they used is a slightly changed Drift toy, which is meant to be fast, and for drift racing.  I will give them points for lowering the spoiler on the back of the car, but personally I would have preferred a lower set car. 

The robot mode is also a little off.  Blurr is supposed to consist of sleek lines in robot mode as well.  This one is quite chunky really.  I also dislike the way the feet have been made on this mould, they lack ankles and look hollow.  His legs are too fat, there is too much kibble on the shoulders (especially for Blurr), but the holsters are pretty cool.  The colours are pretty well matched for a Blurr and the Autobot symbol is nice and distinct, which is what it should be.

His weapons are pretty damn fine.  Good detail and it's nice to see a rifle that actually looks like a sniper's rifle.  The pistols are less well done, but then they have to miss out on a bit to form the stand for the rifle.  they do the trick though and its cool to pose him with either rifle or dual wielding pistols.  He also looks pretty cool when partnered up with Drift.

Quality control is a bit lacking though.  Mine has a couple of rogue paint splodges on the rim above the back wheel and when I first transformed him, I broke one of his wing ears....  I will wait and see how the Tak Tom United version looks I think.  It should be nicer by a touch up or two.
His ear piece ripped a little on first transformation!

The hook for the rifle on the back of the robot can be wiggled out, so the barrel of the gun doesn't get in the way of his legs so much, so bear that in mind.

To  sum this up.  A nice toy with a nice new head, but doesn't quite convey the feeling that a Blurr toy should in my opinion.  Still the weapons are really cool and the new head looks good and he looks the part when teamed up with Drift.  I can't wait to get Kup soon and bust out Classics Rodimus to get the classic old team back together again!  The only real downer to this one is his ankles, but that is mainly a design of the toys itself, and so Drift too suffers this drawback. 

Pics time.

Nice Blurr head details.

I like the paint apps.

The hook on the back for the Rifle can be moved out a little bit.

You can see the changes to the back quite well here.

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