Tuesday 23 November 2010

Sonic Colours Special Edition toy review

Dodgy Blurry pics aside, the return of Sonic this is certainly welcome.  I managed to get the 'collector' edition' which came with a Sonic the Hedgehog action figure.  He also comes with 3 Wisps.  Is the toy as good as the game?

Well, it's blue for sure.  Oddly enough, it looks like it is heavily inspired by Jazwares 3 inch series of Sonic toys.  In fact, until I looked at the bottom of his foot, I thought it was.  It is in fact made by Tomy toys.

Sadly though it isn't up to the same quality.  Like the 3 inch characters, this toy has problems standing up.  Obviously an issue when most of the plastic is in his head and spikes pulling him over the back.  Balance is awful and it isn't helped by him being assembled wrongly I think,  his knees don't bend in the right spots and if you turn his legs and feet around they head off in weird angles.  its all very strange.  Plus there is a large blob on the hing of his hips that has caused some stress to the plastic on the legs.

He comes with 3 Wisps that have a peg in the back of their heads for plugging into his hands.  They are all one piece of plastic and look pretty good.  The Wisps this one comes with are the rocket wisp (orange), the laser wisp(aqua coloured one) and the normal no power (but equates to boost) wisp which is light blue.

To sum up, it is almost an exact copy of the Jazware toys, but not as good.  Sonic lacks a mouth for a start and the quality of its assembly is pretty poor.  The Wisps are kinda cute and a nice touch, but is this was a toy by itself that I had gotten I would be a tad annoyed.  As it is, (essentially) a freebie, its a nice addition.

More Pics.

No simle?  Uh-oh...

Looks like the pin has gone in crooked and hurt his hip.

Compared with Black Knight Sonic from Jazwares.

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