Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Soundwave superior! Everyone else inferior! War For Cybertron rawks!

War for Cybertron is a cool game.  What makes it even better is that the toys have been ace as well!  Here I have Soundwave, one of my favourite characters from the olden days and it's nice to see him coming back to form, both in the game as well as the toys!

This is a cool toy!  The truck mode is nice and beefy, the robot mode is alien enough and yet still retains the characteristics we expect for a version of Soundeave.  Its a really well designed deluxe sized toy!

Vehicle mode is a kind of tough armoured truck, which has good SW blue colours and nice purple highlights as well as grey to represent metal colours.  Its chunky and tough, with a strange addition (in my opinion) of some claw lokoing things on the front.  Better for ramming Autobots I guess.

There is good detail moulded into the sides of the vehicle and although the semas of the robot mode are visible, they don't really detract all that much.  What I do love is the moulding on the wheels.  It is very nice indeed!  the back of the vehicle is a bit plain, it just has some vents, but then we are loking at his shins really.  Don't want to add too mcuh or else it may effect the robot.  The front of the vehicle is where the most SW-ness is contained. As it is his chest, it actually looks like the G1 cassette holder part.  And it can open up, as it holds his concussion blaster and other weapon.  They can be mounted on the back of the vehicle as well, which is an ace idea!

The robot mode is now slouch either.  The head is spot on for a SW, his big feet allow for good balacne and therefore posing.  He can kick on one leg as well as a sort of stomp pose as well.  Lots of arm articulation really makes him quite dynamice.  Only big drawback would be the lack of any waist movement, which is lacking due to the way he transforms.  But to be honest, it isn't going to wreck the toy too much, as there is so many other things have been done really well with this figure.

I really like it.  Cool space mode.  Nice pre-Earth mode that makes him look tough and yet still retains his cassette player origins.  GET IT!

More pics below

Battering ram claws can be moved up and down.

Window can be opened to store weapons

Mounted weapons.  Right gun has missile that can stay inside or protrude.

The feet form the roof.  Like this they look a bit like roof lasers..

High Kick!

The wheels on his back get in the way sometimes.

Lightpiping in his eyes, but it has been painted over.

"Under attack!! Better get reinforcements!"

"Eject! Operation 'Help Me Out' "

"Awww crap! I forgot Ravage is on holiday... Blasted temp..."


  1. Have you put him into boombox mode yet?


  2. Ha ha ha! Not yet, I knew it was out there, but I couldn't remember how it looked. Soon I shall though! Thanks for the link!


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