Sunday, 6 March 2011

Addicted to rub signs…..

So I got that Jazz and Tracks earlier and much earlier, I had Reveal the Shield Windcharger, all who came with lovely jubbley heat rub signs, bringing back fond memories of G1 Transformers.  And others, some Beast Wars and the US Classics had them too, but I digress.  After watching them go orange by themselves at night because it’s so damn hot here lately, I decided to get RTS Optimus Prime.

I thought I would wait for the United version as the colours look much much better, but I found myself wanting all bots with rub signs.  Heavens to Murgatroid…
Based on his G2 body (also known as Battle Convoy in Japan), we have a ‘updated’ almost cross between G2 and the movie Optimus.  It ends up being a bit of a strange beast.  It transforms almost the same as G2,  and comes with a snazzy sword that is reminiscent of movie Prime.    he has similar shoulders and chest.  I was impressed with the shoulders having a limited amount of light piping, as does his head (the G2 one had this as a main gimmick) but it doesn’t quite pull it off as well as it should. 

He is also small.

Jazz is taller…

If I had a small army of Scout sized Transformers, he would be fine.

Even the vehicle mode is small.

At least I have another rub sign robot to add to my collection.  No to find out if the United version’s colours are much better to make up for a rather ‘meh’ toy.  he does have a little matrix moulded into the plastic in his chest though. That’s pretty cool.  Just  a shame about the rest really…

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