Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hmmm, coffee-licious

I have been out and about on the search for other things, and yet coffee has managed to make it’s way into my day.
Investigating some takeaway.

First up, was surprising result from Croissant Express.  I remember them from my first trip to Japan, ah good days, getting up early, off to C.E for some cheap ham and cheese croissont with a coffee. 

Sadly, that place is no longer there, but that doesn’t matter, as I am not in Japan anyway.  C.E have a few places around the joint and we got some coffee here as it was good value for money.  Better than just that though, it tasted damn good!

Value for money, as there was a decent serve there, larger than the average coffee mug load, yet not too much and a price that was cheaper then the competitors.  Excellent!  Good Work Croissant Express, Tets approves! (This was in Belmont by the way).  Hopefully it wasn’t a one off last day of February thing.  I doubt it.

Next up, again, due to voucher cheapness,  is Donut King.  Sure their doughnuts are a rip off, small, disappointing and they usually have too many varieties with icing sugar all over them(to attract the little fat kids I suspect), but I gotta say their coffee has been pretty impressive as of late.

Add to that the addition of a couple of cinnamon doughnuts for a mere fifty cents and you can come out a winner.  They have a tendency to make them extra pretty too.

As an extra, one of them is decaf.  Guess which one! 

The left one, a cappuccino and it didn’t taste like a mouthful of turd either.

Good coffee, bad doughnuts.  Donut King needs to work out their priorities.  Still, I don’t buy their doughnuts (except for those cinnamon ones) so it doesn’t affect me.

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