Saturday 19 March 2011

Double trouble for Sonic.

Aaaa, Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic.  Probably my favourite Sonic enemies.  Metal Sonic is always awesome, ever since the day he captured Amy Rose in Sonic CD.  Eggman, well he has always been a crazy villain.  More often then not, a bit of a joke, but recently he has been getting better.  his voice actor making him the most bearable of the VAs in recent games.  Now I have them both to take on Sonic!  Oh yeah! 

I have been hoping that Jazwares makes a cool Eggman figure.  I mean we have Sonic all over the shop, but no Eggman?  Well, now its all set. Best of all, he has his greatest invention with him. Metal Sonic.  Much like the 4 car pack that Jazwares whipped up for Sonic All-stars racing, the presentation on this baby is fantastic.  It has Eggman in his lab, with Metal Sonic in an incubator doo-hickey.  It looks great and makes me hesitant to throw away the incubator thing.


Now onto the figures!  Let’s start with Dr Eggman.

Colours and markings are spot on.  They have obviously used his look from the Sonic Adventure onwards days, which I guess now would be more well known than his funky clothes from the Megadrive games.  He has good paint applications and carries what I have always thought of as a military style uniform complete with belt buckles and an extra zipper on the back.


I really like the face moulding of this figure’s face.  It’s spot on, including the goggles on his bald noggin.  The moustache is large and bouffant.  Fantastic.

Big beautiful nose and I was most impressed as he has nicely moulded ears.

Articulation is pretty good.  Shoulders, elbows, hips and  knees all have hinges on them.  No ankle movement though.  He has huge feet that aid in balance but they don’t move at the ankles which is a shame.

But his large feet do hold him well.

He is nice and rotund as Eggman should be.
Curse you Sonic the Hedgehog!

Now it’s time for… …. …. …

Metal Sonic!!

So, I have a 10 Inch monster Metal Sonic which I got coz it’s Metal and cool.  Plus I thought it would be the only one they’d make.  Glad they didn’t though, as now I have one that is in scale with some of my Sonic toys!!

Well, maybe he should be a bit bigger, but thems the breaks.

I really dig this little Metal.  His colours are spot on and the detail is fantastic.  I am glad to see they have included the red ring for his eyes and kept the blue the right colour as well as adding a sort of metallic sheen to it as well.

He has shoulder pads which can be moved, allowing a good range of arm movement as well.  He is covered in the usual amount of articulation that this size range has. Knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, waist, neck and wrists.  The wrist ones are really small though, so be careful that when twisting the wrist, you are rotating the plastic and not just twisting it.  Some joints on mine are really tough until you get them to move for the first time.


The moulding is excellent, with rivets and screws in the places where they should be.  I was impressed with the moulding on his palms as well.  They have included a panel look, where they could’ve easily gone cheap and made them flat.  Paint applications are generally well done.  The golden bits on mine have some flecks of other colours on them, but there really isn’t much gold there.  I can pretend it’s battle damage I guess.
He comes with a stand, which kind of works, but like the other 3 inch figs he has really bad balance and so leans over to one side all the time.  Even on the stand he can be a bit wonky.


However it does give the opportunity for some classic Metal Sonic posing!
If only my photo-shop skills were good enough to put a small holographic animal under his foot.

He has some good foot moulding as well.

His main feature is of course his jet engine.  Which although nicely moulded is a bit lacking in colour.  But we can just assume it’s turned off for now.

You can make him looks like he flies in the game.
Sort of…

And he is good scale with Robotnick eer, Eggman.  Sorry, old habits die hard.
Noogy time!  they are the best of friends!

To Summarise this.  Both are good figures, well painted and moulded.  The only problem is one that all the sonic toys of this size has and that is of balance in regards to Metal.  But aside from that, thee guys are ace!  I hope they do a six inch one soon!

Play time!

"I will get you now Tails! Mwa ha ha ha! Behold!"


"Behold! Metal Sonic!!!!"

"Luckily I have made my own robot!"

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, except for YOU tubby and your little robotty tooo!"

"You can’t be a hero with double standards like that! I have help on the way anyway!"


"I don't like you Eggman, but I hate those damn G.U.N guys even more!"

"Nutsnacks! It’s Shadow. Time to pull in the big guns!"


Everybody, including Tails “ Oh crap!”

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