Friday 18 March 2011

Wooo Woo! Here comes the sushi train

Unable to go to Japan, I had a craving for sushi that needed to be quelled.  Off to Yuzu we gooooo!

A new restaurant in Mt Lawley, Yuzu has the good old Kaiten sushi zipping about.  I love it, you select anything that takes your eye and pay according to the colour of the plate once you are done.  My problem is that I always have a tendency to overeat when at these types of places.

We got there and it was hidden around the back, nice spot without any gawkers having a peer at you while you eat your food.  Once in, we had a little gander and were led to our seats.  It was a pretty small place.  Cosy, good atmosphere.

Plonked in the corner we received our tea and I pilfered some soy sauce and pickled ginger from the couple next to us.  The sushi was leisurely meandering on it’s conveyor belt.  Oddly there wasn’t much in the way of fresh fish sushi on it.  A lot of seaweed wraps and California rolls.  At first the sushi was little slow to change.  Not many people were eating, meaning there was a lack of choice until some space was made.  Eventually that changed as the customers moved on and more food popped out.


It was tasty, that is for sure, but oddly there was a lack of raw fish sushi, we only saw one salmon dish zipping around, which we promptly ate.  Odd I thought, but after observing the clientele I realised why.  For some reason, the more traditional sushi was less popular and the quirky ones that were covered on mayonnaise, teriyaki and chilli mayo seemed to be the favourite of the day. 

They even had some Takoyaki on a plate that no one wanted to touch.  It was amusing to see this poor little takoyaki rolling around, along with some corn ones that had mayo on them.  Oh, no egg sushi either.

Weird corn one...

Some edomame was rocking around as well.  That would go well with beers, but I am not too sure that it has a license.

With the other half having a craving for some salmon roe (ikura), I asked for some to be made and they were kind enough to do that for us.  The staff were pretty good.  Friendly and willing to put up with my slightly dodgy Japanese although they were really busy.  The tea was good as well.


We ended up staying for about an hour and had a good time, slowly snacking on various types of sushi.  It was very very tasty. 

Lookit that stack.  It ended up bigger, but my phone camera ran out of memory.

All up, we had a good time.  The sushi we ate was delightful, but it needed a bit more variety and the staff were friendly and helpful, although a little rushed.  Sadly it seemed to me that Yuzu is limited by it’s un-adventurous customers, which struck me as odd, being in Mt Lawley.

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