Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Latest Get jya!

Huzzah!  I got Steel Princess Ymir (Japanese = “Yuumil”) in the post today. Awesome.  This character is from Queen’s Blade and is my second favourite character!  Why?  Well, she is a Dwarf and is one of the older characters, but because Dwarves live long, she still looks like a little girl.


Therefore, she has a tendency to talk like an old Japanese man, is always complaining about being called Yuumil chan.  The chan is an affectionate name for little girls.


Coming from a Dwarf background, her reason for entering the QB contest was to prove the superiority of her mass-produced dwarven weapons, making her a rival to Cattleya.  That’s why she has a big ass axe!  I was worried at first as she only has one extra hand, but then, her gauntlet has articulated fingers!  ALL RIIIIGHT!



Interesting note, the name Ymir is also a god of Norse mythology and founder of the Frost giants.  Wow.  Interesting stuff really.  Thanks wikipedia.


Now I just have to wait for some quality play time.

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