Thursday 12 May 2011

EEEEEEeeeek! It’s a Scareglow!!!


Ok, Just a quick recap on my background story for this guy.  Another blog I am reading has a glow in the dark Devilman toy, and a friend links me onto matty collector site as we are talking about Masters of the universe, I spies me a glow in the dark toy.  I sign up to matty collector and buy a Sy-klone and Moss man as a prep test for when/if they re-release Scareglow.  A couple of weeks later, I spy a Scareglow at a toy fair.  BOUGHT!


Aside form my recent experiences, I never knew of Scareglow’s existence.  I never saw him in the original He-man Cartoon and it’s only through my recent search for some Glow in the dark toys, inspired by that Devilman that i thought this would be cool.  End result, 3 toys later, I have the one toy I was chasing after.




Ok, that's my story.  I was never a huge Masters of the Universe fan, I watched it in the 80’s, and tried to watch the 200X cartoon, but got put off by the incredible amount of posing and spinning of weapons they seemed to do in it.  As opposed to the fighting, which is what they should have been doing.    So I don’t have many (any) Masters toys at the moment, I used to have Syklone and Stinkor, but somewhere along the lines, I got rid of them.


End of Introduction. 


Let’s have a look at Scareglow.  This fellow is from the Masters Of the Universe Classics line (MOTUC) which are updates of the original toys with better articulation and influences from the various He-man cartoons.  Much like the way that the Transformers Classics, Henkei, and current Universe line have been running.  MOTUC is available from the matty collector site ( and they usually have a fairly limited releases.  It appears that each month they release a certain couple of figures, say one new figure and a re-release of a previous one.  For example, when I ordered Sy-Klone and Moss man (in April), Sy-klone was new, Moss man a re-release and Panthor (Skeletor’s ride) was new.  They all sold out pretty quickly and I see some new figures available for the May release.


End of Introduction (really, this time)


Now we will really get into looking at Scareglow.

IMG_5837      IMG_5838IMG_5840      IMG_5839

Fairly basic box, that isn’t much bigger than the figure itself.   It allows a good view of the toy and the side has a little bit of info on his gimmick.  the back has a bio and apparently a ‘real name’ for him.  I guess it’s a bit unfortunate if your parents name you Scareglow from birth hey?  If they did, it is no surprise he turns evil!


There are a couple of nice touches on the box.  As most toy connoisseurs know, toys are alive.  As a result, this box has included some air holes on the side of the box.  And there is a plastic hook for hanging off of hooks and stuff.  I like this option, as one day, I WILL have some toys displayed in box, hanging on the wall, for that genuine toy shop effect!

IMG_5833       IMG_5834


I laughed a little, despite being armed with the Scythe of Doom, SG’s ability is to ‘Burst forth and freeze his enemies with fright.’   Riiiight.


As you can see, the glow effect is pretty cool.   With the lights completely out, the skeleton effect of pretty darn fine.



After having a little look around and finding a scan of the comic that came with the vintage Scareglow figure, his powers make a bit more sense and seem less, well, crap.   The comic gives his glow the ability to induce fear among his enemies, that certainly sounds a bit better than bursting out of nowhere to scare people.  Have a look at the original toy and there is a link to the comic book via


Once out of the box, I had to wrestle with the backing blister, as it is hooked around his rather impressive cape.  His scythe is attached to the backing cardboard and can glow as well!!

IMG_5842      IMG_5841

Sadly the plastic is glued on to the cardboard, so once out, he’s out for good.


Scareglow seems to use Skeletor’s basic body and has a new head (according to Pixel Dan) so for a skeleton he is pretty muscly.  His plastic is mainly the glow in the dark variety except for his feet and cape.  Over the glow plastic is a skeleton type paint job, which actually looks pretty cool.

IMG_5843      IMG_5845

The cape is nicely made, it is fairly sturdy and has a cool fade out down the bottom.  The cape also is tattered and has a couple of holes, which is a good idea, I mean the guy is a ghost after all.



IMG_5847      IMG_5848


Discovered later at home that that the cape is quite cool at letting light through.  I was impressed by this sight as I was zipping around the house.


The head sculpt is a simple skull, with some nice details on it, he has the plates that most people would have on their heads, and paint to distinguish his teeth and eyes.  I really like the read paint used to make his eyes.  EEEeeeevvviiilll!    The cape again works it’s magic with some nice detail on the front with a cool sculpted and attached rope to hold it around his neck.  Of course his head glows and the black really comes into play when looking at it like this.

IMG_5849      IMG_5850

IMG_5896       IMG_5902



The body detail is pretty good, and it even includes nipples for him.  Woooo! ghostly nipples!

IMG_5851      IMG_5853IMG_5854        IMG_5855

The loin cloth, belt and buckle are nicely sculpted and do not glow. 


IMG_5867       IMG_5868IMG_5869

A shot for the ladies, up the loin cloth, simple black undies and a bit of proof that the loin cloth bends to help the legs.


He has some paint on his back for when he doesn’t need his cape.

IMG_5870      IMG_5871

I like the way they have used the black to border some scapulars in his back (where they should be of course).


Articulation is pretty good.  There are heaps of joints all over the place, knees, ankles (although limited slightly by shape of foot), hips, waist, wrist, elbows, mid upper arms, shoulders and neck.  Quite a few more than the vintage He-man characters.  They allow for some pretty good pose options and reminds me of my Bizarro figure, which I think is form the same company anyway.




Accessory wise, he comes with his aforementioned Scythe of Doom which can be held in both hands, although only one grips properly, so the other is just used for support.  He also has a mini castle Greyskull.  Which opens to reveal a little key.  His bio states that he is being punished for trying to break into Castle, I guess now he is dead, he has the key for the Castle.  Unfortunate really.

IMG_5858       IMG_5863

IMG_5862      IMG_5864IMG_5865       IMG_5866


Obviously the little Greyskull can be removed from his wrist.  The chain is a metal chain!  Saweeet!


Here Ya go chump!


Now onto his scythe.  As I said before it glows in the dark.  Well the blade does, as do the little spikes on the back.  The blade is glow plastic whereas the handle isn’t.  The blade has paint over it so the whole thing doesn’t glow.  I think it’s better this way and the paint is the exact same colour as the handle plastic.  Impressive.  He can hold it upright as well as like he is in battle.  It is a really cool accessory in my opinion.


IMG_5874      IMG_5887


The cape can limit arm movement a little, but it can also add to stability.

IMG_5875      IMG_5876IMG_5878       IMG_5888



Of course his glow is where its at baby he glows easily and glows well.  So much glow plastic, its beautiful to watch.  And here we go.

IMG_5885      IMG_5890IMG_5892     IMG_5895

IMG_5859      IMG_5861IMG_5860      IMG_5878IMG_5899      IMG_5898




The bloody Ghost of Eternia!


All up Scareglow is bloody cool character.  The articulation is good, not fantastic, but pretty damn fine.  The paint job is effective and adds to his evil look and the cape just makes him much too cool.  I don't care what the Incredibles movie said, if I become a superhero, capes are the way to go.  Then the awesome glow ability just tops it off nicely.  The accessories, especially the little castle are just small homages that impress me up the wall.  I love this guy and sadly, I see myself spending more of my money on Masters Of the Universe Classics figures…  Heck, I just received my Moss Man and Sy-klone the other day and already wanting to get some more.  2 Definites on the list.


*sigh* My poor wallet.

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