Sunday 29 May 2011

Is it christmas?!?!??

A pal came by and dropped off some long awaited goodies.


Lupin III, Christmas jack Skellington and a Skeleton Warrior from Jason and the Argonauts.  All Revoltechs.  Adn another TF Generations book! What the heck?????

Plus I picked up a DOTM Starscream playset for cheap as well.  It isn’t bad, reminds me a lot of the Micromasters and the vehicle sets back in days of yore.



Hmmm, considering how the price differenc between Stars and Powerglide here is ony about $4, you seem to get a lot more bang for your buck with Stars.



Side by side ssize comparison.  Starscream (right) is clearly a legends sized character and Powerglide isn’t much taller.  The play set is pretty cool though.  Not much in the way of paint, but it looks dirty and nasty.


IMG_6265      IMG_6266IMG_6267

Man I love that Skeleton.  Jack is compatible with the previous normal version of Jack as well.  He now has the choice of no less than 6 (six) facial expressions!!


Finally, the Generations book.  they did a release of a type like this last year as well I think, allowing you to pre-order a toy from the back of the book too.



Lots of goodness inside here.  Focussing on the toys at the tail end of Revenge Of the Fallen line and beginning of Dark of the Moon.



IMG_6269      IMG_6270IMG_6271      IMG_6272IMG_6274      IMG_6278


Final addition: Sentinel Prime.  On special at Toys R What


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