Saturday 28 May 2011

Powerglide, Same toy. New Pics.

PG2 head
My thoughts are still much the same as in my initial thoughts post about this guy.  I have just managed to get my camera batteries charged and have taken some better quality pictures.

IMG_6144      IMG_6145IMG_6146      IMG_6147IMG_6148      IMG_6149IMG_6150       IMG_6151IMG_6152       IMG_6153IMG_6154

IMG_6158      IMG_6159IMG_6160      IMG_6162IMG_6163       IMG_6164IMG_6165         IMG_6167IMG_6169       IMG_6170IMG_6171       IMG_6172IMG_6173      IMG_6174IMG_6175      IMG_6176
He does have some pretty good balance.  So much so that you can make him do some Cossack dancing!  Huzzah!
IMG_6177       IMG_6178IMG_6179        IMG_6180IMG_6181        IMG_6182IMG_6184

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