Friday 20 May 2011

Funny snacks and junk food

I was out doing some food shopping with the better half and we were wandering around an asian food shop.  Cheap veges, Omanju(steamed buns), why the hell wouldn’t you? 

Add to that, the excitement of these dodgy foods.  First up, this baby.


  Cheese Flavoured snack, complete with dodgy knock off Dragonball Z character on the front!  And he shoots cheese rings!  Surely he would be top of the warriors!



But, one that certainly takes the cake for me!


  Kickapoo Joy juice! 

“Original joy Juice recipe”  Well that makes it all dandy!


Wa ha ha ha!  Kickapoo, why not?  Well, it would make my shoe dirty for a start!  I mean seriously…



And they have a website as well, I’ma gonna be visiting that site that’s fer sure!

Aaaaa!  life is good!

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