Thursday 19 May 2011

Recent arrivals


Latest haul of goodies come thusly.  Japanese WFC Optimus and Megatron and boy howdy do they look much much lovelier than the hasbro ones. Pics in development! 

A nice minty sealed box Drossel of the figma variety, not smoky smell here.  Although I have managed to clean the other up somewhat.

And an Animated Transformers comic, hilariously called ‘Transformers Animated; The cool.’  I kid you not!  Comic is on the left, and the box on the right has a clear activators Optimus in it! Wooo! Clear coloured!!



Single shot of Drossel by her(?) self.  I wonder if it matters if robots have sexes?  I guess I refer to my transformers as ‘he, ’  so apparently it does.


  1. Funny. the megatron and Optimus figures you have there are in the transformers generations packaging here in the USA we dont have anything that says Transformers united, is that an alternate series in your country? those are the WFC leaders. they were called Cybertronian Optimus and Cybertronian megatron here

  2. The Megatron and Optimus are the same toy as the Cybertronian ones released in the Generations line, but with a different (i.e metallic [yes, I can be that shallow ;p ]) paint job and are the Japanese versions. In Japan, the Generations line is called 'United.'

    Here in Australia, we got the Generations line as well, but I went ahead an got the United Op and Megs to see how they look. Megatron looks pretty good with his darker colours IMO.


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